Apparently a healthy shot of semen in the morning is the cure for what ails you – if you’re pregnant, that is.  According to Gordon Gallup, a Semen Cures Morning SicknessSUNY-Albany psychologist, ingesting a bit of your baby-daddy’s cum will act as a little “hair of the dog” and set you right.  Be warned: Just any old jizz won’t work.  It has to be the man-mortar straight from the source so don’t go around opening wide for just anyone to easy your baby belly.  If you’re preggers by a dude that is still in your life, there’s never been a better reason to swallow!  Well, it’s a hypothesis, but I suppose it is worth a try.  Because you totally feel like giving a blow job and imbibing his load just before you hurl.

The thought is that a new life is forming inside of you and foreign substances are helping the little creature along the way.  These foreign substances may not agree with the bun in the oven.  If the sperm/familiar substance that helped get that life started is ingested, order is restored everyone feels all warm and fuzzy.  I have never been pregnant (thank you sweet baby Jesus) so I have no way of knowing if this actually works.  I’d love to hear from some of you baby bumpin’ ladies out there to find out if swallowing after oral sex eases the A.M. tummy ache.

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