If you’re a nerd like me then you probably like knowing the science behind the sex almost as much as you like having it. This video is fascinating and gives a clear explanation of what happens in the brain when you have an orgasm. Hot!

Sometimes the balls need a little love.  They’re there.  They want to be noticed.  They’d like to say hello.  They’d like to get in on the fun.  Let them in and make them feel welcome in your oral sex life.

Here are a few suggestions:Happy Balls

Start with what you know: A blow job.  While his member is in your mouth, place the palm of your hand underneath them.  You can gently cup them or just let them know you’re there.  Let them feel the ever so slight pressure of your hand and the warmth of your skin.  Support them.  Give them a little break from gravity.  From here you can caress them softly using a slow circular or back and forth motions with the palm of your hand.  Increase the pressure with ease and feel free to experiment as long as you proceed with care!

Some suggestions for moving from his cock to his balls: Once you’ve given his wang a once over, go ahead and be playful about it – slide your tongue down his shaft, like a reverse lollipop, until you reach his scrotum.  You can also exchange the tongue action for kisses.  Start at his head with sweet little kisses and make your way down.  Make sure your lips are nice and wet.  Work up a little saliva and let it be a part of all things oral.  Keep stroking his cock, or least keep a nice comforting grip on it.

*Side Note: If they’re not clean, don’t lick them.  Guys, if you know there is a little funk happening down there, be a dear and let her or him know.  There’s also nothing wrong with saying, ‘hey, I would love for you to do this, let me go wash up.’  They might decide to devour your funkiness.  There may be some bacterial issues involved, but you can at least warn them!

There you are with his balls staring you right in the mouth.  It’s go time.  As with all things sex related, you can always turn back.  Otherwise, get to work!  Start with a little licking.  Don’t lap them up like a thirsty animal.  Instead, use slow licks.  Get used to the texture of his sack.  You can use the tip of your tongue to make imaginary shapes or get into it with nice firm strokes using a flat tongue.  See what he likes and spend extra time doing that.

Now that you’ve kissed them and made them feel loved, it’s time to pop one in your mouth and start sucking!  Okay, that may have sounded a little ridiculous, but look, we’re talking about sucking on balls here.  It’s OK to take it with a sense of humor.  Roll one around in your mouth, add a little sucking action, and let your tongue be a part of the fun.  Keep you fangs retracted.  There is no need to get your teeth involved.  This post is not about cock and ball torture!  If you’re getting into it, go ahead pop the other one in there and suck, lick and enjoy his entire sack.  You can always pull back if he doesn’t seem into it, but there is a pretty good chance that he will be loving life, especially if you’re stroking his cock along the way.

Don’t be afraid to come up for air and get a nice healthy mix of ball and cock sucking going.  Your hands can be involved in stimulating both his penis and his jewels as well.  Let the saliva flow freely.  Most importantly, be gentle and communicate!

I hope this has been helpful in getting you on your way to taking his marbles into your mouth.  If one or both of you don’t like it, there is no need to force anything.  You can walk away at least knowing you tried.



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