Hilarious oral sex humor from the classic blockbuster comedy, Old School. Andy Dick teaches a group of married women how to give a blow job correctly. Of course, Andy Dick doesn’t do anything without adding a flare of ridiculousness. Wearing a child’s small rugby shirt and an awful red choir boy wig, he performs oral sex on a poor, defenseless carrot. We’re still trying to figure out if the dog in this scene is real when he is using it as a visual speaking aid.

Grab your vegetables!


Camille Crimson is an admittedly nerdy, gorgeous green-eyed redhead with beautiful affinities for both oral sex and web coding. Camille Crimson recently signed a DVD distribution deal with LFP Video to produce DVD videos with her oral sex content on TheArtofBlowjob.com.

Utilizing engaging music, soft visuals and playful themes, Camille and her boyfriend create sensual oral sex videos. Rather than profiting on the less intimate oral sex content being produced by major adult industry studios, Camille Crimson has become successful by focusing on the art and eroticism of couples’ fellatio.

Camille-CrimsonWhen did you give your first blowjob Camille?

Camille Crimson – I was in my mid-teens with my boyfriend at the time.

Did you enjoy fellatio as much then as you do now?

Camille Crimson – Not really. It was fine, but I didn’t see the full pleasure and sensuality of giving really skilled oral sex until I met Mike (my boyfriend) in my early 20s.

What are your favorite things about giving a good blowjob?

Camille Crimson – I really love expanding my skill set, trying new ways to flick my tongue, a new combination of stroking and sucking, a new way to tease his balls. You’d think I’d have found it all after all this time, but there is always a new sensation to discover.

What do you think the most important thing to remember while giving a blowjob is for a female?

Camille Crimson – Just pay attention to his cues, honestly. It’s all well and good to want to deep throat like a sword swallower or to work your tongue like a snake, but he may want you to go easy, focus on the head, stroke him while you suck, etc… A blowjob isn’t a one way performance, so communication is key. Maybe it’ll just be a better reaction to certain stimulation, maybe he’ll try to guide you back to a certain place or maybe he’ll just tell you. No matter how, respond accordingly. This doesn’t mean you have to do only one thing, but keep that special spot/technique in mind and consider it home when you give a blowjob. You can try out whatever you like, but make sure to check in at home base.

What do you think the major difference is between women who like giving blowjobs, and those who don’t?

Camille Crimson – I don’t mean to sound condescending, but I think women who don’t like giving blowjobs might have had bad experiences. Fundamentally, anyone who loves receiving pleasure should love giving pleasure. Maybe they aren’t getting enough pleasure or having their needs listened to. Maybe they’ve had selfish lovers. Maybe they’ve had bad experiences with smell, taste or gag reflexes. I think that more communication would make blowjobs at least palatable. They may never absolutely love it, but there is a way to get in touch with the eroticism of giving pleasure in the right context.

Camille-CrimsonIs there anything a guy can do to make his significant other appreciate giving oral sex more?

Camille Crimson – Give in return, and not just blindly. Ask what feels good and what they want. Then make sure to be well-showered, to eat a healthy diet and to never ever be forceful with thrusts unless asked. And make sure to be appreciative after, because nothing makes you more confident about your blowjob ability than some well-deserved praise.

Were your intentions with your first oral sex video as artistic as they are now?

Camille Crimson – Before we began shooting, we were making websites for others and got screwed out of a big deal. So, at the time there was an element of wanting to find a source of income, but the bigger thing was that we were just done working for other people and their crazy whims. We wanted to work for ourselves. We started with erotic portraiture, so it has always been about art, class and sensuality.

Why have you stuck to producing more oral sex than intercourse?

Camille Crimson – It’s a great niche to be in. Blowjobs are extremely popular, but it’s uncommon to see them done sensually and to be shot in an artistic way with a real couple. The response has been amazing. For now, we’ve got so much going on that we don’t really see the need to expand beyond blowjobs. That could definitely change, but for now, the site is keeping us very busy.

Could you walk us through a typical shoot for TheArtofBlowjob.com?

Camille Crimson – We usually do it whenever the mood strikes us. We talk about what sort of theme (if any) we want, I get dressed/undressed, do my hair and make-up while Mike sets up the lights and cameras. Then, we do a few little tests just to make sure it’s looking good and we get down to business. Sometimes Mike will hold a camera or use a dolly out of frame, so there is some cinematography at work during the shoot, but we don’t usually stop until it’s all over. Then we cuddle and make a snack.

Specifically, what do you think sets your videos apart from other mainstream blowjob content?

Camille Crimson – It’s a mix of art, sensuality and love. Our aesthetic is very different because we put so much effort into the composition, the lighting, the editing, the music… It’s uncommon for that much work to be put into porn, unfortunately. The blowjobs themselves are the polar opposite of the “rough throat fucking” or quick auto-pilot preludes to intercourse that you see in most porn. They’re sensual, full of skill and are genuinely enjoyable to both of us. And the love, well, that’s self-explanatory. We’re not paid to show up and be intimate, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just a different feeling, and it’s hard to put your finger on, but it’s tangible in everything we do.

Camille-Crimson-Black-DressHave you had the same boyfriend through your entire adult career? If so, how does he feel about being a cock model?

Camille Crimson – Yes, and we had been together for over a decade when we started. He loves it! He’s the videographer/photographer/editor for the site, so it’s not all blowjobs, but he absolutely adores what he does. He gets to be creative and have lots of orgasms. 🙂

Do you watch much pornography in your personal time? If so, what are your favorite genres?

Camille Crimson – I do, but I actually watch mostly amateur lesbian/anal stuff. It’s partly because that’s what turns me on, but it’s also partly because it feels the furthest away from the stuff that we watch to see what’s going on in the porn world.

Besides yourself, who is your current favorite adult studio?

Camille Crimson – I honestly don’t know. There are a lot of cool directors, such as Erika Lust and Nica Noelle, who are doing things in a very ethical and sensual way, but there are lots others that I enjoy.

If you could change one thing about the way porn is made today, what would it be?

Camille Crimson – Well, I would probably change a bunch of things. The big thing would be that I’d want porn to be more contextualized. It’s fine if you want to have a rough blowjob site, but make it clear that the women are enthusiastic about this kind of rough sex, that it’s not the only way to have sex, that mutual pleasure is important… Like it or not, a lot of impressionable people watch porn and we have to try to make it clear that sexuality isn’t exactly what we see on the screen in mainstream porn.

Do you see yourself producing your style of pornography as a director with other models in the future?

Camille Crimson – Yes, in a way. We’ve already started with a new couple, but instead of directing them, we’ve given them the tools and tricks to make porn with the same artistic look and they can have full intimacy with what they do, no one else in the room! It works really well. Their names are Lilyanne and Max and they’re really amazing people. They’re really passionate about showing beautiful, romantic and sensual sexuality, so I think the site is going to be a huge hit. It’s at PornographicLove.com.

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