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Good lovers have great tongues, expert at flicking and licking. A skilled tongue can dart in and out of the most private, personal places like a creature with a mind of its own… a dirty mind, at that! Yet a truly toned tongue can convey emotions, too, like yearning, tenderness, mischief, playfullness and much more. With a little practice, you’ll be maneuvering your mouth, lips and tongue like a true artist! Now sit yourself down in front of a mirror and let’s get started.

Meet Your Tongue: Stick it out as far as it’ll go. Roll it, touch your nose if you can. Flatten it out against your chin and then make it as pointy like an arrow. Keep your tongue moist, but don’t drool. Remember: slobbering is a turn-off.

Stick it out again, stiff, as far as it’ll go. Now, move your erect tongue left to right, like a windshield wiper, back and forth, touching the edge of your mouth each time. Can you do this for 30 seconds? Good. 60 seconds? Even better! Encircle your lips with your tongue, clockwise, five times, then switch direction and repeat.

Now, grab an empty shot glass or make a circle with your hand about an inch and a half wide. Hold the rim up to your mouth and slowly stick your tongue in as far as possible WITHOUT TOUCHING THE SIDES. Elongate your tongue, make it as slim and as pointed as you can. Reach down, down… be as precise with your movements as possible.

Lastly, roll a grape or cherry around your mouth. Feel it… lick it… suck it… love it. Tease it with your teeth, careful, don’t break the skin. Mmmm…!

What’s going on? You’re training your tongue to be a fine-tuned instrument. French kissing with your “new” tongue will be more rewarding, you’ll be able to tease and tickle like an expert! Oral sex, too. You can stimulate just the tip of the clitorous, to tickle the delicate underside of the penis head… You get the picture.

Happy Licking!