You don’t just have to put your mouth between her legs to orally stimulate her.  Yes, I encourage you to allow your tongue and her pussy to form a long and lasting friendship, but you can also drive her bananas by making her bits your very last stop.  This isn’t necessarily breaking news, but it is something we often forget in the quest to give her an earth shattering tongue lashing.  Cunnilingus is fantastic.  There is nothing wrong with making her wait for it.

Before your lips even meet her skin, start by stimulating her mind with a little dirty talk.  Tell her what you want to do and are going to do to her.  Tell her how much she turns you on.  Tell her that you have been thinking about getting your hands (and mouth) on her all day long.  Use your imagination and read her reactions to gage how far to Via Richie Drenzgo.

Ears and Neck: Since you were likely just whispering in her ear, start with little kisses and nibbles on her ear lobes and neck.  Some people like a little biting, but that is definitely something that should be talked about before things get rough.

Breasts: The tatas are filled with tons of nerve endings which makes them perfect for sexual stimulation.  Nipples are incredibly sensitive and some women can even achieve orgasm from having them played with.  On the other hand, some women are so fond of intense nipple stim or they may not like it at all.  Pay attention to her reactions or simply ask if that is something she enjoys.  Be gentle here.  Rough nipple play is something you should get absolute verbal consent for before engaging in it. Otherwise, enjoy!

Rib cage, stomach and back: The torso is filled with sensitive spots that love to be touched.  You don’t need to coat her midsection in saliva, but kissing her all over and gently running your fingertips up and down her body can really make her tingle.  You can even make her think you’re about to go down on her, only to tease and work your way down to her thighs instead.

Legs and Arms: The limbs are often forgotten as a source of excitement.  The arms, especially the “underneath” side can cause quite the commotion in the underpants when kissed.  A little light leg worshipping can make her feel uber sexy.  Paying attention the area behind the knees will make her jaw drop.

Toes: Some of you may be anti-foot fetishists and that is totally okay.  But if you are down with the little piggies, then by all means give them some love.  Having your feet played with can be an unexpected turn on.  Definitely check in to see if she is down with having her toes in your mouth before you treat her big toe like a pacifier!

You aren’t necessarily limited to these parts.  Let your imagination run wild and find out what she likes.  You just might surprise the both you and discover some uncharted erogenous zones that will alter your minds.  Focus on one section or let your lips travel her entire body from head to toe!  Either way, challenge yourself to see how orally creative you can get before or without ever landing between her legs.

Oral Sex Videos - How to SwallowYou have seen the Educational Sex Series DVDs on Fellatio and Deep Throat and you are prepared to take those oral sex techniques that one extra step. But what about those nagging questions? Is it good for me? Are their any dangers? Can I get pregnant? Does it taste bad? How to Swallow answers all of these questions and many more.

Our hostesses take you through the whys and wherefores of swallowing. It is a very simple technique that can be a simple turn on or demonstrate great intimacy. They weigh the pros and cons and present a logical argument for the oral sex practice.

Did you know a man can change the taste of his semen. Simple things like eating certain foods, refraining from smoking or drinking alcohol can influence the taste. So sit down with your partner, enjoy the DVD and a bowl of fruit. After all it’s your oral sex life. What are you going to do about it?

Watch this Oral Sex Video HERE

Oral Sex - Orally Yours Oral Sex Education and Entertainment


Good lovers have great tongues, expert at flicking and licking. A skilled tongue can dart in and out of the most private, personal places like a creature with a mind of its own… a dirty mind, at that! Yet a truly toned tongue can convey emotions, too, like yearning, tenderness, mischief, playfullness and much more. With a little practice, you’ll be maneuvering your mouth, lips and tongue like a true artist! Now sit yourself down in front of a mirror and let’s get started.

Meet Your Tongue: Stick it out as far as it’ll go. Roll it, touch your nose if you can. Flatten it out against your chin and then make it as pointy like an arrow. Keep your tongue moist, but don’t drool. Remember: slobbering is a turn-off.

Stick it out again, stiff, as far as it’ll go. Now, move your erect tongue left to right, like a windshield wiper, back and forth, touching the edge of your mouth each time. Can you do this for 30 seconds? Good. 60 seconds? Even better! Encircle your lips with your tongue, clockwise, five times, then switch direction and repeat.

Now, grab an empty shot glass or make a circle with your hand about an inch and a half wide. Hold the rim up to your mouth and slowly stick your tongue in as far as possible WITHOUT TOUCHING THE SIDES. Elongate your tongue, make it as slim and as pointed as you can. Reach down, down… be as precise with your movements as possible.

Lastly, roll a grape or cherry around your mouth. Feel it… lick it… suck it… love it. Tease it with your teeth, careful, don’t break the skin. Mmmm…!

What’s going on? You’re training your tongue to be a fine-tuned instrument. French kissing with your “new” tongue will be more rewarding, you’ll be able to tease and tickle like an expert! Oral sex, too. You can stimulate just the tip of the clitorous, to tickle the delicate underside of the penis head… You get the picture.

Happy Licking!

Oral Sex Videos - Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Female OrgasmsIf there is one thing a man should know, it’s how to cook before entering the kitchen. We could give all of the best free oral sex instruction available, but if you don’t understand how a woman works first…there is still a large chance for failure. Luckily, Tristan Taormino has created an expert guide to female orgasms which will solve your “mythical clitoris” issues.

Are female orgasms as unique as the women who have them? Absolutely. Yet too many women struggle in the search for erotic fulfillment alone or especially with a partner. Do you want to teach your partner how to help you have an orgasm during sex? Do you want to have better, longer, easier? Or more intense orgasms? Let renowned sex expert dispel any myths and share with you the wonders of female orgasm.

You’ll learn about:
The female arousal cycle
Different types of orgasms
Clitoral stimulation techniques: oral, manual, and with a vibrator
G-spot toys and stimulation techniques, squirting and orgasms
How to have an orgasm during vaginal intercourse
Anal pleasure & orgasmic possibilities

Watch as five diverse couples speak openly, share advice, and demonstrate techniques that work for them. Their intimate, personal, journeys reveal how each woman achieves and experiences her orgasm in very different ways.

Watch this Video HERE

He can make ANY girl squirt… now he’ll teach you how!

Squirting 101Axel Braun, the magic man whose hands are insured for $2,000,000 each, finally reveals his secrets. That’s right, Axel will teach you how to properly stimulate the G-Spot and make every girl ejaculate! Join the squirt-master and his disciples as they take on an incredible cast of 10 beauties for the first installment of the hottest, wettest, most exhilarating class in town!

This video may seem slightly out of place at first, but stick with me for a moment and you will see a method to the manual madness. Yes, this is a video instructing men how to manually bring a female to a gushing climax. Technically this ability does not have to deal with oral sex whatsoever. Fortunately, there is no such thing as a technicality in the bedroom.

Let me be a first hand voice in telling you this is not a joke. This manual technique works very well. Be mindful, there are many factors in any woman’s anatomy which culminate in a “porn star” squirting reaction, and there is no guarantee that an “Old Faithful” geyser is possible with your specific significant or insignificant other. What is a promise, is that she will be wet, writhing, and ridiculously happy after you are done administering this maneuver. Just add some of the cunnilingus techniques we have provided you with here at, and you’re foreplay game will be irrevocably changed for the best.

Happy Squirting 🙂

Watch this Video HERE

Oral Sex - Orally Yours Oral Sex Education and Entertainment

Did you know oral sex is the most frequently-requested task from prostitutes? It’s also a favorite subject matter for “girl talk,” and the focus of countless romance novel encounters. Seems all human beings–male and female alike–crave this incredibly intimate kiss, yet we remain unsatisfied. Why?

Because though most people understand the basics of oral sex, becoming an expert is almost impossible without proper guidance. Even with the most uninhibited lover, learning to give good head is a challenge, because so many of us simply don’t know enough about our own bodies to appreciate all the amazing pleasure we’re capable of experiencing.

Don’t deprive yourself or your lovers any longer! Oral sex is fun, easy, exciting, exhilarating and now FINALLY someone has compiled a straight-forward, step-by-step approach to teaching men and women exactly how to give–and receive–mind-blowing ecstasy with oral sex. After years of research from medical experts, sex therapists, escorts, couples and people of all lifestyles, we proudly present the definitive guide to fellatio & cunnilingus.

Learn fail-proof techniques like “layering” sensations to build a climax. Or read through a list of Top Ten tongue tricks sure to make a cock sit up and beg for more. Check out different breathing & muscle-relaxing exercises to extend your orgasm or improve deep-throating skills. Find out about one simple, secret skill ALL men and women appreciate. Save this information to your computer or print it up for easy reference! And be sure to bookmark this address, because we’re constantly adding tips, suggestions, XXX film reviews, adult toy recommendations, stories, photos, letters, games, anything we find to enhance your experience of oral sex.

The Rules of the Game



1) Mix it up! It’s easy to fall into a rhythm and just whack a guy off with your mouth. What’s your hurry? Oral sex shortcuts lead to wimpy climaxes. Instead, layer different sensations! Stroke, kiss, suck, lick and enjoy the sensual route to exquisite orgasms.

2) Watch the teeth, please! It doesn’t take much to break the delicate skin of a penis. Remember, even the tiniest of teeth-nicks can be conduits for STD’s.

3) If you don’t want to swallow, don’t. Tell him he can’t cum in your mouth BEFORE you begin oral sex, to avoid surprises and potentially-embarrassing situations.

4) Keep tissues and a glass of water nearby, if possible. One or both of you may need ‘em.


1) Take it easy! Don’t thrust yourself too far down your partner’s throat, and don’t sulk if she won’t “deep throat.” This ain’t a porno movie.

2) Watch for signs of fatigue. If your lover looks tired, let her rest or suggest she come up for some kisses and cuddling. It’s possible that only her jaws are tired; if so, show her how to stroke your penis with her hands.

3) Swallowing isn’t everything. Sure, it’s nice when a woman lets you cum in her mouth, but it’s nicer if she does so because she wants to, not because you pressured her into it.

4) A gentleman always, always tells his partner when he’s about to climax from oral sex. Even if she’s told him she loves to swallow, he needs to give her time to prepare for the “explosion.”

5) Accentuate the positive! Tell her what you like, not what you don’t like. Say, “Mmm… that feels good but THIS really makes me hot!” Give direction, as needed, but keep it supportive and encouraging.



1) Careful with that clit! Imagine all the nerves you’ve got in your penis concentrated in that one little button. Take it easy & build her excitement.

2) No teeth! Your lips, tongue, fingers and imagination are all you need, honest.

3) Never blow directly into the vagina. In rare instances, you could cause an air embolism, and kill her.

4) Think variety! Even the most delicious sensations become tiresome after a point. Avoid stimulating the same area in the same manner for an extended period of time. One exception is direct clitoral stimulation when you lover is beginning to climax.


1) Remember personal hygiene. Always present your lover with a clean, fresh pussy to feast upon!

2) Try to keep your thighs spread so your partner can breathe. If you like to hold your legs together when you climax, let your lover know so you both can adjust your positions for maximum comfort.

3) Be considerate. Cunnilingus can be exhausting and is especially hard on the neck muscles. If your partner seems fatigued, suggest a rest period, a change in positions or reach down and massage his/her neck & shoulders.

4) Let your lover know when you’re nearing orgasm, especially if you’ll need a particular kind of stimulation to climax.

5) Don’t play coy. Tell your partner how you like to be touched, licked, pleased.

6) Focus on the positive! Never say, “That doesn’t feel good” but rather, “This feels better.”

Both of you, always remember the Golden Rule.

Great sex is two bodies, working as one.

You’re in this together!

My favorite aspect of Adult work is the incredible (and often times brutally honest) feedback, fantasies, and questions I receive from fans/viewers. I’m actually a huge fan of my fans! Frequently, I’m faced with burning questions from men and women alike– curious about sex, the Adult Industry, Erotica, and other saucy topics. One of my all time favorite questions though (my answer being the subject of this very blog) is a perplexing query many women (and men too!) postulate, “Arden, what do I do with my Boyfriend’s balls during a blow job?!”. A very good question indeed!

Incorporating a man’s testicles into oral is one sure step toward amazing new sex! Often times they go without attention simply because uncharted territory can be a bit intimidating, and typically fellatio can focus solely on the cock. I personally hit a point about four or five years ago where I had a bit of a sexual epiphany… Balls can and should be incorporated into sex on various levels– they’re an incredible source of pleasure for men– and hella fun to play with! One of my most popular photo sets “Bluejeans BlowJob” ( gives viewers an intimate look at some serious mouth to ball action. I adore playing with a guys package in it’s entirety, and passing each part over my wet tongue. Though every man is different, and thus has a different threshold for what is pleasing and too sensitive– I do tend to find that the majority are thrilled to have two new members join the party!

To answer the initial question, “Arden, What do I do with my Boyfriend’s balls during a blow job?!”– I have a few techniques worth testing out. First I would recommend some light play to explore the new sensations. Experiment with your fingers, palms, tongue, lips, cheeks, and nipples…what it feels like with and without lubrication… communicating what each other finds more or less stimulating (Note: This doesn’t always require vocals, but if there’s an excuse to talk dirty I take it!). During an oral session I love testing my limits by sucking on both his balls at once, and attempting to slip his entire cock and balls into my mouth at the same time… If his hard-on and the boys combined prove too dramatic for you, alternating between the two is a great option! I’m also a big fan of swapping out a guys dick all together in oral and exclusively licking and sucking his nuts (once you have him nice and hard a great compliment to this is jerking off his cock with a well lubricated hand, paying special attention to the head!).

So that’s my little diddy on “The Boys” and how to start sharing some love with them between the sheets!!! I hope you’re inspired to go test out some of my suggestions, and if so please share your findings!! I’m a big believer in sex as a learning process, and I aim to be quite astute!


Arden Adamz

A very funny Oral Sex video from the “Last Date” series. This budding young couple finds out why braces, and teeth in general, do not mix with the process of giving good head. Make sure you curl those lips over if you’re working with some dental hardware at the moment. Otherwise, the consequences could be pretty scarring…

If you’re a “Mad Men” fan, you may recognize the boyfriend in this video. It’s none other than Patrick Cavanaugh.

Hello Curious Oral Sex Viewers!

I’m Arden Adamz, a new contributing writer here on! Currently an up and coming Porn Starlet and WebBabe, I recently snatched up two major award nominations (XBIZ, FreeOnes) for 2011. My favorite topics to discuss are those that I have personal experience invested in , and when it comes to getting the dirt on being dirty– I assure you that I’m very well researched!

My most carnal sex scenes have always had an oral focus, likely because my absolute favorite raunchy activity is cocksucking! I’m often asked when my first oral experience took place, how it felt, where it happened… If you ask me, the more noteworthy naughty memories are those where I did something sextraordinary– and I don’t know about you, but the first few attempts at a new activity are usually packed with trial and error. We all have to start somewhere, right? So perhaps that’s why I’m disenchanted with the beginnings of my mouthy journey. I do know that I’ve always been captivated by blow jobs, and never felt as though I were in a submissive position– rather an extremely powerful one. Using my mouth (which I consider one of the most erotic & versatile body parts a human possesses) to explore a guy’s package requires him to relinquish his control on multiple levels. I’m fascinated by how diverse the sensitivities of fellatio are both for the provider and the recipient. In my opinion oral sex is fantastically unique in that our mouths are both passive and aggressive, and finding clever ways to mouth off is really a kind of raunchy learning process for me. Sharing my oral adventures through smut videos, articles, photo sets and blogs are some of the most exciting sexual adventures I’ve had!



Oral Sex Videos - Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To Oral Sex Part One CunnilingusJustine Joli leads a group of couples in a hands-ons workshop on cunnilingus, where she teaches about female sexual anatomy and offers explicit personal advice on a topic she knows inside and out. Using her mouth, tongue, fingers, and toys, Justine demonstrates different positions and stimulation techniques with her co-host Ariel as the crowd watches and asks questions.

After the workshop, we meet Kelly and Richard, a couple who’s been together for more then a decade. They discuss their thoughts about oral sex and share their favorite positions, tips, and tricks for maximum pleasure. Richard takes his time, relishing a long, sensual oral session and giving Kelly multiple orgasms.

Next we meet Cindy and Jack, a hot couple with a vast range of know how and expertise. Jack reveals his passion for giving oral sex, and explains what he thinks are the most important ingredients for a satisfying experience. Beginning with a sexy shaving scene, Jack exposes every inch of Cindy’s body as he shows off his amazing oral talents.

All in all,its an educational introduction into one of the most intimate erotic activities…one that can be a sure fine road to orgasm for many women. Delve into the world of cunnilingus, demonstrated with knowledge and skill by enthusiastic couples and narrated by sex expert Tristan Taormino. Learn, experience, and enjoy oral pleasure by experts.

Watch This Oral Sex Video HERE