Oral Sex Is Sharing

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Yes, this is real.  Thank you, happyplace.com for bringing this miracle into our lives.

Japanese Mouth Exerciser
I was perusing HotMoviesForHer’s Link Love this week and came across a blow up doll mouth insert. Well, the Japanese company that makes it has it marketed as a piece of workout equipment for your face. According to Geekologie, you just recite vowel sounds and it works to slim down your face. Sorry. It looks like something a serial killer would put in his victim’s mouth followed by a flesh colored rubber suit.

This unfortunate television talk show personality has somewhat of a brain fart when it comes to Turkey calling technology. After seeing this rather genius sounding animal call device demonstrated right in front of her, she decides to take it to a whole new level. The call device does not require the user to orally produce any noise, but apparently this woman cannot help but want to blow inside of this dark rubber hole. Something her co-host is quick to point out on air as he removes the Turkey caller from her face. So funny.

If your partner suddenly decided they didn’t want to perform oral sex for you any longer, how would you react?

In this hysterical oral sex video, a young couple lies in bed after the adorable woman gives a blow job to her grateful man-piece. She looks up, and tells him that she eventually would like to stop giving him oral sex in a loving tone. When asked what she means by that statement, the conversation leads to an oral sex countdown that he is not happy about.

Hilarious oral sex humor from the classic blockbuster comedy, Old School. Andy Dick teaches a group of married women how to give a blow job correctly. Of course, Andy Dick doesn’t do anything without adding a flare of ridiculousness. Wearing a child’s small rugby shirt and an awful red choir boy wig, he performs oral sex on a poor, defenseless carrot. We’re still trying to figure out if the dog in this scene is real when he is using it as a visual speaking aid.

Grab your vegetables!

When it comes to oral sex, men are always glorifying fellatio between each other in open conversation. Very rarely do we hear women carrying on about how great cunnilingus is. This is why we’re giving two tongues up for this racy cheer. Watch as this lifetime cheerleader takes a moment to shake her pom-poms for her favorite brand of oral sex. Cunnilingus of course!

Fatman Scoop and his wife Shanda sit down to teach you the finer points of performing oral sex on women. Scoop’s descriptions of the art of cunnilingus have enlightened the staff here at OralSex.com. As a direct result of his oral sex innovations, we may be posting on the “wine swish” and “jolly rancher” oral sex techniques very soon. One thing about this video is made very clear though, Shanda’s clitoris must be very happy with Scoop’s lips. Every woman in our office sat up and commented, “Wow, now those look fun..” while watching him demonstrate his masterful “pussy-ology”. Although, we’re not quite sure how the beard feels on the ass at this point. There may be an oral sex survey conducted here on whether male facial hair is welcomed or feared during cunnilingus.

Thank you to Fatman Scoop and Shanda for creating these hysterical sex education videos at ManAndWife.tv!

This funny oral sex video may just be a humorous public service announcement about condom use, but we think it says something more about being a good role model. Parents sometimes forget that our world’s younger generation is learning faster than any generation before, and they are well aware that sex is the reason for their being. Knowing that, parents should take a different approach to dealing with adolescent sexual activity. Yes, the risks of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are very real. Although, these facts do not mean making all sexuality “off limits” is an effective solution when communicating with young adults.

Sex is a very personal subject with individuals of every age group, and can be difficult to approach in open conversation. This human response is magnified for a young adult, because their maturity levels simply can not keep up with their increases in hormones. This biological fact creates every horrifying possibility parents believe to be the reasons for abstinence. Thus, we ask parents to try a more understanding approach to the subject. Having open communication with your young adult can be a great defense against the dangers of sexual activity. If you want them to be honest with you, you must be understanding. Would you not expect the same from any fellow adult?

Food for thought

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