This video isn’t the best quality, but it is totally worth watching. I have gone on rants and written many advice articles on ways to initiate oral sex and I always advise against any head pushing, unless of course you know your partner is into it. Nicole Sullivan and Michael McDonald’s performance in this MADtv clip is near to my heart regarding such matter. And hilarious!

I was recently reading a few articles on  I came across an article that was written by our pal, Camille Crimson and there was one paragraph that inspired to write about something that I have yet to discuss on this blog: The reciprocation for oral sex doesn’t always have to be oral sex.  Here is the paragraph:

“I tend to respond to these concerns in two equally important ways: first, that many people find giving pleasure very arousing and second, that Oral Sex And Reciprocationthere are lots of ways to give back. People often assume that the quid pro quo is oral sex for oral sex, but that makes some assumptions about what your partner may want. Whether it’s a new flame or someone you know very well, asking what makes them feel good yields some very useful information and shows that you care about actually making them feel good instead of just adhering to a sexual script.”

Some folks genuinely just enjoy giving oral sex with no desire to get anything any return.  Never assume this is the case, though.  After receiving a life changing blow job or pussy licking, don’t just go straight for a high-five and a snack.  Ask if you can go down on them or what they would like/want you to do to them.  Also, don’t get upset if they won’t let you “return the favor.”  Don’t take it as a blow to your ego.  Know that they genuinely benefited from performing oral sex on you and you aren’t less of a person for not giving them.  Feeling bad will only take away from the awesome experience you just shared.  Your concern for their pleasure will be appreciated and hot.

Moral of the story:  Communicate then reciprocate.  Appropriately.

If you’re a nerd like me then you probably like knowing the science behind the sex almost as much as you like having it. This video is fascinating and gives a clear explanation of what happens in the brain when you have an orgasm. Hot!

I was hanging out with a group of close girlfriends about a week ago.  One of the girls is in a fairly new relationship and they’re still in that place where they can barely leave the house because all they want to do is stay home and fuck.   Naturally, we all wanted to know how it was going along with any of the juicy sexy-time details she was willing to share.  We inquired and she responded with a sigh and told us that he has only ever gone down on her once.  She, let’s call her “Kate”, added that she doesn’t understand why her man never gives up the cunnilingus and just goes straight for penis to vagina penetration.  Asking would be the most direct way to solve her problem, but she just hasn’t brought herself to do so.  Ask

Look, you can spend your life playing games and hoping you’ll get what you want, but you can avoid such nonsense and simply ask for it.  If you really enjoy receiving oral sex and you’re not getting it, perhaps it is time to open up a dialogue.  It may be as simple as telling your partner that you love having your pussy licked.  Perhaps they need to be reminded that, while you love intercourse, oral sex bring about intense orgasms or just serve as foreplay.  I realize that bringing up such subjects can be uncomfortable, but growing a pair and facing it can help avoid your dissatisfaction and possibly relationship issues.  A fulfilling sex life is worth a few minutes or hours of awkwardness.

It is possible that your partner feels questionable about their oral skills and prefers to avoid it completely rather than not appear confident between your legs.  To ease their fears, you can offer to coach them through and tell them what you like.  You help him to help you and you get to level up in the intimacy department.  Communicating is sexy!  Chances are, he wants to please you and will feel really good once you lead him down the right path.

You can walk around expecting people to know what you need from them, but that is a sure fire way to go through life unsatisfied and bitter.  This is true in all areas of life, but the least you can do is ask your partner to put his or her mouth on your vagina.  Enough with the games!

P.S. I apologize if you are offended by the heterocentricity if this post.  This advice applies to everyone regardless of gender, sexual preference and parts.  Since a hetero female inspired this, I used the corresponding language.


Sometimes the balls need a little love.  They’re there.  They want to be noticed.  They’d like to say hello.  They’d like to get in on the fun.  Let them in and make them feel welcome in your oral sex life.

Here are a few suggestions:Happy Balls

Start with what you know: A blow job.  While his member is in your mouth, place the palm of your hand underneath them.  You can gently cup them or just let them know you’re there.  Let them feel the ever so slight pressure of your hand and the warmth of your skin.  Support them.  Give them a little break from gravity.  From here you can caress them softly using a slow circular or back and forth motions with the palm of your hand.  Increase the pressure with ease and feel free to experiment as long as you proceed with care!

Some suggestions for moving from his cock to his balls: Once you’ve given his wang a once over, go ahead and be playful about it – slide your tongue down his shaft, like a reverse lollipop, until you reach his scrotum.  You can also exchange the tongue action for kisses.  Start at his head with sweet little kisses and make your way down.  Make sure your lips are nice and wet.  Work up a little saliva and let it be a part of all things oral.  Keep stroking his cock, or least keep a nice comforting grip on it.

*Side Note: If they’re not clean, don’t lick them.  Guys, if you know there is a little funk happening down there, be a dear and let her or him know.  There’s also nothing wrong with saying, ‘hey, I would love for you to do this, let me go wash up.’  They might decide to devour your funkiness.  There may be some bacterial issues involved, but you can at least warn them!

There you are with his balls staring you right in the mouth.  It’s go time.  As with all things sex related, you can always turn back.  Otherwise, get to work!  Start with a little licking.  Don’t lap them up like a thirsty animal.  Instead, use slow licks.  Get used to the texture of his sack.  You can use the tip of your tongue to make imaginary shapes or get into it with nice firm strokes using a flat tongue.  See what he likes and spend extra time doing that.

Now that you’ve kissed them and made them feel loved, it’s time to pop one in your mouth and start sucking!  Okay, that may have sounded a little ridiculous, but look, we’re talking about sucking on balls here.  It’s OK to take it with a sense of humor.  Roll one around in your mouth, add a little sucking action, and let your tongue be a part of the fun.  Keep you fangs retracted.  There is no need to get your teeth involved.  This post is not about cock and ball torture!  If you’re getting into it, go ahead pop the other one in there and suck, lick and enjoy his entire sack.  You can always pull back if he doesn’t seem into it, but there is a pretty good chance that he will be loving life, especially if you’re stroking his cock along the way.

Don’t be afraid to come up for air and get a nice healthy mix of ball and cock sucking going.  Your hands can be involved in stimulating both his penis and his jewels as well.  Let the saliva flow freely.  Most importantly, be gentle and communicate!

I hope this has been helpful in getting you on your way to taking his marbles into your mouth.  If one or both of you don’t like it, there is no need to force anything.  You can walk away at least knowing you tried.



You don’t just have to put your mouth between her legs to orally stimulate her.  Yes, I encourage you to allow your tongue and her pussy to form a long and lasting friendship, but you can also drive her bananas by making her bits your very last stop.  This isn’t necessarily breaking news, but it is something we often forget in the quest to give her an earth shattering tongue lashing.  Cunnilingus is fantastic.  There is nothing wrong with making her wait for it.

Before your lips even meet her skin, start by stimulating her mind with a little dirty talk.  Tell her what you want to do and are going to do to her.  Tell her how much she turns you on.  Tell her that you have been thinking about getting your hands (and mouth) on her all day long.  Use your imagination and read her reactions to gage how far to Via Richie Drenzgo.

Ears and Neck: Since you were likely just whispering in her ear, start with little kisses and nibbles on her ear lobes and neck.  Some people like a little biting, but that is definitely something that should be talked about before things get rough.

Breasts: The tatas are filled with tons of nerve endings which makes them perfect for sexual stimulation.  Nipples are incredibly sensitive and some women can even achieve orgasm from having them played with.  On the other hand, some women are so fond of intense nipple stim or they may not like it at all.  Pay attention to her reactions or simply ask if that is something she enjoys.  Be gentle here.  Rough nipple play is something you should get absolute verbal consent for before engaging in it. Otherwise, enjoy!

Rib cage, stomach and back: The torso is filled with sensitive spots that love to be touched.  You don’t need to coat her midsection in saliva, but kissing her all over and gently running your fingertips up and down her body can really make her tingle.  You can even make her think you’re about to go down on her, only to tease and work your way down to her thighs instead.

Legs and Arms: The limbs are often forgotten as a source of excitement.  The arms, especially the “underneath” side can cause quite the commotion in the underpants when kissed.  A little light leg worshipping can make her feel uber sexy.  Paying attention the area behind the knees will make her jaw drop.

Toes: Some of you may be anti-foot fetishists and that is totally okay.  But if you are down with the little piggies, then by all means give them some love.  Having your feet played with can be an unexpected turn on.  Definitely check in to see if she is down with having her toes in your mouth before you treat her big toe like a pacifier!

You aren’t necessarily limited to these parts.  Let your imagination run wild and find out what she likes.  You just might surprise the both you and discover some uncharted erogenous zones that will alter your minds.  Focus on one section or let your lips travel her entire body from head to toe!  Either way, challenge yourself to see how orally creative you can get before or without ever landing between her legs.

Oral Sex Techniques - Use Your HandsGetting handsy is a great way for you and your guy to get more out of oral sex. That isn’t to say that your mouth alone isn’t doing a stellar job of creating boundless pleasure, but the addition of a hand or two can really change it up and add to the fellatio experience for both of you.

I’m talking to you, assuming you are the giver. The addition of your hand can take on a little of the work load to give your mouth a bit of a break, especially if he’s larger than what your mouth can comfortably handle. Sure, a challenge is fun, as is pushing yourself beyond your limits, but there tends to come a point during oral sex when you’re still into it, but your mouth and throat could use some assistance. If you’re a pleaser, and it’s important for you to keep going and maintain equal pleasure, your hands are there for you.

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In today’s thoughts on oral sex — When the DOW goes down, so should you!

Oral Sex Recession - Arden AdamzI’m a glutton for new articles and perspectives on sex, and mouthy pieces make me particularly excitable. Recently I’ve been noticing that with the influx in recession coverage, thrifty sex information has also risen to the occasion. What’s even more exciting is the new perk up in American consumption of sexual health products. “What in the heck does this have to do with more blow j’s Arden?” You might query. Here’s the break down my horny-recessed-friends… Not only is oral sex free, (alternatively if it is not free it’s less expensive according to several recent right wing news articles) but it’s also considered a damn effective form of contraception– yielding erotic benefits unique to itself.

According to a article* on Sex and the Recession, while industries across the board are taking financial kicks to the balls– sexual aid and sexual health companies are putting out more products than ever before for the increased demand from responsible, sexually active consumers. It’s not much of a surprise– depressed economies and war are known for instigating more sex among citizens, and today we’re still not ready to let our libidos take a slide with the market! When you walk into your local mega mart you’ll find new expanded family planning, sexual enhancement products, and even toys! Embracing new affordable products are helping Americans everywhere recess-proof their sex lives. Don’t let the lack of cushion prevent you from… ok, OK… The point is, despite certain challenges we might face– we can all turn to one of our less obvious past times– Oral Sex.


* “Sex And Recession” Christopher Varmus

Oral Sex Tips - Take ControlMany individuals we have spoken to lately have expressed concerns about how oral sex should occur between two people for the first time. More specifically, how one should ask for oral sex without knowing if their partner even likes giving and/or receiving it. Our answer to this classic sexual conundrum is fairly simple.

Take control of your questions.

Basic strategy dictates one must have information before making a decision. Therefore, someone needs to make a move toward oral sex before an answer can be obtained. We understand this may be more difficult and uncomfortable for the more submissive varieties, but fear has no place in the bedroom. Communication, whether via spoken word or obvious body language, is key to having the best oral sex possible with any individual. So, if you’re not getting any of the signals you need, gently force the issue.

Now, the use of “gently” is very important in this oral sex tip. We are not condoning grabbing someone by the back of the head, and thrusting your genitals in their face before they can react. Make your gestures blatant, but easy to respond to.

For example:

“Donny and Dana have just returned after meeting for the first time at their local bar, and are continuing a spirited make-out session whilst coming through the front door. Donny shuts the door behind him, and the frisky duo falls to the carpet. Dana undoes Donny’s belt and smiles at him while taking hold of his erection. Getting more and more turned on, Donny then passes over Dana’s legs and straddles her chest to present himself for fellatio.”

…. ERRRRRR – WRONG: Stop on a Whammy!

Although this move can be very good for couples who are already comfortable with their boundaries, there is no way Donny could have known if Dana likes to give fellatio. He just shoved his thing in her face, hoping for the positive side of a 50/50 chance. Let’s rewind a bit and see if there is a better way for Donny to proceed.

“Donny and Dana have just returned after meeting for the first time at their local bar, and are continuing a spirited make-out session whilst coming through the front door. Donny shuts the door behind him, and the frisky duo falls to the carpet. Dana undoes Donny’s belt and smiles at him while taking hold of his erection. Getting more and more turned on, Donny wraps his arms around Dana and rolls her to the top. Dana giggles a bit while slowly rotating her hips, and Donny runs his fingers through her hair. He tilts his head sideways, letting Dana kiss down his neck, and says, “If you wanted to kiss lower, I would return the favor.” Dana responds by kissing down Donny’s stomach, and takes him into her mouth for the best blowjob he has ever experienced.”

Ding Ding Ding!

This time around, Donny’s actions gave Dana ample time to refuse giving oral sex. Not only did this make Dana more comfortable with Donny as an oral sex partner, but it also most likely “sealed the deal” for him getting any further than where the first oral sex scenario ended. Keep your partners’ right to their decisions in mind, and you will find much more willing oral sex in your future.

Oral-Sex-Tips-SmileOral sex aficionados may have their techniques down to a science, but there is always room to improve. Many people simply dive face first into oral sex with their partner, and remain deeply focused on bringing them to fruition. Where the focus and effort are surely appreciated, something is also lost.

What happened to the fun?

An integral part of any foreplay technique is the element of “tease”. There are many sub-elements which come together to create a successful tease, and some vary depending on each couple’s sexual dynamic, but I would like to focus on your pearly whites for now. Whether your sexual attitude lie more on the devious or the innocent side of the spectrum, showing enjoyment of the process to your partner can carry your sexual experiences far beyond the limits of physical prowess. Of course this concept makes logical sense when receiving oral sex, but it is even more important when giving it.

As the receiver of oral sex, ruling out the 69 position for this article’s sake, a person is at their most vulnerable. Think back to the last time you were on the receiving end of things. Regardless of how much you attempt to control your giver, you are entirely at the mercy of their mouth on your fun parts. Now, let me ask you a question while the image of your last partner’s face between your legs is fresh. Doesn’t it make you feel less restricted when the giver looks as if he/she/he-she is enjoying the oral sex process as well?

When giving oral sex of any attitude, make sure you make eye contact and smile at your receiver. If you’re into the more dark and devious side of oral sex, the smile sends a message of devious pleasure directly connected to controlling your receiver. For the more innocent variety, smiling makes your receiver that much more comfortable enjoying your oral sex. Both will guarantee a much more fluid exchange of emotion.