Well Hello there Oral investigators, it’s been a productive week for oral sex! Today I bring you a story fresh off the set of a new AltPorn Network film where I’ve spent the last week doing everything from menage tois shoots, to spanking new comer Quinn Kelly over my knee. I’m pleased to report that there were tremendous oral encounters all along the way– even a few first’s for everyone!

Mon. 6/6

Shower prior to shooting: Quinn is a new comer so we had never met before, let alone had a chance to properly acquaint ourselves– so I offered to help shave her pussy (by the way, this pick up line is to be used with extreme caution. Frankly men should disregard it all together.) We got nice and wet in the shower and I had her prop up one of her fiercely long legs up on the wall so I could get to her creamy pussy. While on my knees looking up, I lathered soap from her thighs, to her plump ass, and finally around her then fuzzy pink pussy. I loved looking up and seeing everything covered in foam but the slit of her pussy and ass! She received a very attentive shave, and was very helpful in spreading her pussy for me whenever I needed her to do so. Once we rinsed off her lips felt so slick and smooth– totally worth the effort. I licked around her pussy and let the water from the shower splash between her thighs and my face. She held my long hair for me while I teased her and sucked on one of her lips. Once my tongue dipped inside her slit I’m not sure what happened– I may have lost some time.. I loved feeling the wetness of her pussy mixing with the water in my mouth…

Tue. 6/7

On set we shot a 2 lady, 1 gentleman scene today
— I love the results almost as much as I loved shooting it (which would be impossible to surpass)! There were two very sexy/memorable events today that I ought to mention– Monday night we decided that scissoring would be a really fun first time for both girls– and we take fantasies very seriously around here! So as we were getting warmed up for the huge dick on set– we went for it! We took a moment to think about the hows and wheres of course, then we overlapped legs and pressed our lips together. Yes. It was hot, wet, incredible, arousing, even slightly more exciting than I anticipated. So exciting that we even tried to figure out how to arrange for our now really stiff male star to penetrate our scissored lips– but it was far to advanced for our mere 10 minutes of total time in that position. All in all it was agreed that touching pussies was insanely hot– but requires great stamina and the ability to laugh with yourself & those around you while having sex. The other event I’d like to mention occurred while shooting an intense fucking scene earlier. After our new comer climaxed, I was instructed to lick the cum off of our male talents throbbing hard-on. I gladly accepted! I’ve only been able to indulge in this once or twice before so it was a real treat! Her cum was perfect all over his cock, making him slightly sweet… The perfect conclusion? After I licked his shaft clean, he gave us a facial together.

Thurs. 6/9

Archived Shows:

::It seems like the coolest oral experience for the week was saved for last! This was a first time for me– where I was able to have a lovely wet snatch and huge cock on my face at the same time!!! Honestly I have thought about it several times per day every day since then because it was really that serious.:: Quinn and I started the show with mutual masturbation. We then progressed into a short Over-the-Knee spanking scene, and eventually made it into a boy, girl, girl three some. As the two girls in the trio, it was fun to use our mouths together, rotating our tongues, lips, and sucking on him repeatedly. She and I put our mouths on either side of his thick shaft, letting him push through our soft lips. Once we got that technique down we alternated for awhile, and switched gears a little allowing her to go into doggy with me guiding her hips from the front. It was hot to watch, so before long I asked if I could position my head under all the action (his dick & her snatch). It was phenomenal! I loved being able to use each and every sense at once on two people… By simply extending my tongue, I could taste her wet lips AND his stiff dick! I will say that it’s a bit overwhelming, and if you aren’t mindful of your position it may become difficult to breathe. Don’t let this serve as any sort of discouragement though… it’s perfection, and I’ll be doing it again as soon as possible!

Arden Adamz

Oral Sex is a noun, meaning “Sexual activity involving oral stimulation of one’s partner’s sex organs”. Traditionally this means oral to genital action, and though that leaves a lot of room for creativity– we still have a lot more anatomy to play with! When I hear the term, “Oral Sex”, my mind runs wild. Though I’m a huge fan of head (as most readers likely know by this point), today I’d like to discuss some alternate erogenous zones ready for oral temptation.

The mouth is undeniably one of the most erotic parts of our anatomy. We have tremendous potential when opting to use our tongue, lips, and even a little teeth in bed. In an effort to make this even more fun– I’m going to list two categories, the first involves intimate body parts & erotic areas (subtle areas that crave attention). The second category involves oral actions (licking + blowing, nibbles + sucking). For a very creative oral-sex-life injection, I recommend selecting one part from the first list, and combining it with an action (or series of actions) from the second list. It’s simple, exciting, stimulating and thought provoking! So moving right along with the sexual momentum… Here are my deviant lists!

Parts: A list of sensual parts

Under-side of the Breasts
Collar Bone
Inner thigh
Lower Back
Behind the Knee
Behind the Ear
Hip Bone
Pubic Area
Ear Lobe
Happy Trail
Toes (seriously, try it! lol)
Ass Cheek
Tips of the Fingers

Play: Naughty list of oral actions

Blow On
Drag Lips
Flick Tongue
Softly Bite
Caress with Cheek
Hold in Mouth (while humming)
Hot Breath
Hold in Mouth
Roll Tongue
Glide over Teeth
Spit On (I love this one!)

Arden Adamz

Intercourse, Role Play, Anal Sex, Petting, Foot Jobs, Fetish, Foreplay, Masturbation, Cunnilingus, Tit Jobs, Fingering, Exhibitionism, Fantasy, Kissing, Spanking, Groping, Sex Toys, Threesomes, Licking, Voyeurism, Cos Play, Squirting, Auto Asphyxiation, Orgies, Hand Jobs, Sucking, Teasing, BDSM, Deep Throat, Food Play… The possibilities are almost as overwhelming as walking into a Mega-Mart without a list! Having too many options often results in sensory overload, and thus a less exciting turn out. Even the most spontaneous and daring explorers are subject to the occasional “rut” or fall back into familiar territory.

In an effort to sift through the hot mess — I thought it might be fun to share some tips, techniques, & suggestions acquired from a list of my personal faves, as well as a few from friends and co-stars in the industry! When I’m lost in a sea of over sexxxed mania, I get busy with these devilish moves…

1.) Technology and Sex: Sexting (sexy texting) puts convenient seduction right at the tip of your agile digits– it’s the foreplay of the future! Why not incorporate some filth into your daily grind? I’m partial to dirty fill in the blank sexts such as: “Later I’m going to ____ your ____ till you ____.  I won’t stop till you ___   (#) times.”

2.) Location, Location, Location!: One of my girlfriends in Adult, RyAnne, suggests a classic throwback– Road head! She notes though to pick a mellow back road to allow for some responsible, irresponsibility… Sometimes the same old same old has brand new effectiveness with a little change of scenery…  There’s just something about that spontaneous, slightly reckless, junior-year-method that never disappoints. Personally, I like to get all hot and bothered in public… Or almost in public. I love going out to gorgeous Italian & French restaurants because they usually have the long opaque white table cloths. With French and Italian being major romance languages, I’m not surprised that they offer patrons subtle cover from the waist down at every table. My suggestion… Take advantage of each other while hiding in plain sight.

3.) Hot Mess!: Porn star and good friend, Ariel Adore’s Oral Tip? “Don’t Be Afraid To Get Messy!” I really couldn’t agree more! Come on let’s face it, sex is dirty! The pinnacle moment of sex is the raunchiest, wettest, and messiest part, right? There’s no way to get around it, and why should we try? Making a mess is awesome… For those who haven’t given it a try, I’d recommend this mess making technique– Try a facial! It won’t hurt I swear, but it’s not a bad idea to try closing your eyes the first time (if you’re on the receiving end of course). Facials are a fun & free way to inject some porntastic activity into your Oral Life. Here’s why… He will love it because it offers instant gratification (he gets to see his raunchy accomplishment), a sexy view at his daring partner, and the thrill of trying out something sexually new. The partner will love it because it’s an exciting way to embrace climax, and possibly discovering a brand new turn on!

So that’s my naughty Oral Sex triple threat. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more sultry tips and techniques in the future, and continue to share some of my personal favorites! Sometimes talking about sex can be almost as fun as having it… Almost.


– Arden


Oral Sex, you either like it or you don’t.  If you love it,  you’ll always love it.  If you don’t I hope at least you have an appreciation for it.

I love oral sex.  Both giving and receiving.  But, I take pure pleasure in giving.  I’ve never understood why women don’t like to blow their man.  It’s a pleasure that can give you pleasure.  I myself have had orgasm’s from it, but I am a rare exception I guess.

Pull Out Your 3D Glasses

Okay I just threw this in there.

To me giving your man oral sex should be a daily occurrence.  If more women gave men blow jobs the world would be a happier place.

I’ll definitely write more on this later.  But I wanted to throw it out there.  Let me know anything you’d like to hear specifically.  I’ll answer any questions any of you may have.

Till then ladies, keep those lips wrapped around his cock.

– Maddy

So my oral friends, the time has come for me to discuss feminine mouthy encounters! You guessed it– cunnilingus! Though I consider myself to be more advanced in the cock sucking department, I’ve also had many adventures indulging in female anatomy. So, in order to properly explore this most “sensitive” issue, I thought it best to take a personal inventory of my pussy and it’s recipe for satisfaction.

Early on in my sex life, I made a lot of beginner’s mistakes. One that really sticks out happens to be my approach to receiving oral. For quite awhile I relied on sheer hope and psychic attempts to guide my partners’ mouth toward satisfying me sexually– a really big mistake! This tactic almost always ended in my frustration and all together avoidance of receiving oral sex.  Most adolescent guys go right for a girl’s most sensitive feature, her clit, like its a bull’s eye in a shooting gallery– surely the key to success. Though I’m a huge fan of clitoral stimulation– it truly is my most sensitive part– and direct stimulation is unpleasantly overwhelming. I doubled up on masturbating and riding cock for a few years…When a new fling began making headway between my legs, I’d redirect their attention to something more productive like my head between their legs (This may have something to do with my appreciation for cock sucking, haha!). Occasionally I’d give in and let someone take a shot at going down on me– always with the same results–Thanks, but no thanks! Eventually I met to someone who wasn’t so easily swayed by my diversions. I was hesitant to break my effectively-ineffective routine, but with some reassurance I finally allowed it. I was encouraged to vocalize all along the way, like that game red light/green light we all played as kids? I didn’t cum the first, second, or fifth time he went down on me, but that didn’t matter because I enjoyed each attentive lick, suck, and kiss. For me it was a total revelation– that I could have been enjoying such pleasure all along had I simply said something…

Finally when I began indulging in girl on girl action, I had a better understanding of what it meant to be a good lay. Speaking your mind & vocalizing your desires are sometimes just as important as the physical exchanges we make during sex. I’ve been fortunate enough to have friends who are as open to sexual dialogue as I am, and I’ve heard a lot of ladies share stories similar to mine.  I’m always fascinated by how different oral sex can be with each and every individual… “Ask and you shall receive”? Right?

– Arden Adamz

Hello Curious Oral Sex Viewers!

I’m Arden Adamz, a new contributing writer here on OralSex.com! Currently an up and coming Porn Starlet and WebBabe, I recently snatched up two major award nominations (XBIZ, FreeOnes) for 2011. My favorite topics to discuss are those that I have personal experience invested in , and when it comes to getting the dirt on being dirty– I assure you that I’m very well researched!

My most carnal sex scenes have always had an oral focus, likely because my absolute favorite raunchy activity is cocksucking! I’m often asked when my first oral experience took place, how it felt, where it happened… If you ask me, the more noteworthy naughty memories are those where I did something sextraordinary– and I don’t know about you, but the first few attempts at a new activity are usually packed with trial and error. We all have to start somewhere, right? So perhaps that’s why I’m disenchanted with the beginnings of my mouthy journey. I do know that I’ve always been captivated by blow jobs, and never felt as though I were in a submissive position– rather an extremely powerful one. Using my mouth (which I consider one of the most erotic & versatile body parts a human possesses) to explore a guy’s package requires him to relinquish his control on multiple levels. I’m fascinated by how diverse the sensitivities of fellatio are both for the provider and the recipient. In my opinion oral sex is fantastically unique in that our mouths are both passive and aggressive, and finding clever ways to mouth off is really a kind of raunchy learning process for me. Sharing my oral adventures through smut videos, articles, photo sets and blogs are some of the most exciting sexual adventures I’ve had!