We’ve talked about the amazingly helpful oral sex guides from the Pleasure Ed Series in the past, but they’re so damn good I thought it would be appropriate to bring them up once more.  Our good friends at HotMoviesForHer are always reviewing all types of porno and I wanted to share a little bit about what they had to say about these super awesome cunnilingus and fellatio how-to’s.

Oral Sex Education

Without further ado,  J.D. Bauchery on Dr. Carol Queen’s handy work.

Going Down – The Official Guide To Cunnilingus -
“I’ve reviewed my fair share of instructional porn in my time as a professional perv and I can honestly say that this flick is one of the best how-toGoing Down - The Official Guide To Cunnilingus pornos I’ve ever seen! This movie is seriously up there with my other instructional favorites – including Nina Hartley and Tristan Taormino, which is no small feat, at least in my opinion. Queen does a wonderful job of teaching the viewer all this information, Going Down – The Official Guide To Cunnilinguset keeping it totally sexy and interesting. One great example of that is her use of a vulva puppet to explain anatomy instead of a chart. While the chart may be easier for some folks to learn from, I thought it was very welcoming and way less clinical to teach with a stuffed pussy!

Another major difference in this movie was that it included queer folks! That’s right – gal on gal cunnilingus was on display as well! It really made me feel as though the information was being directed at me, and not just me listening in on info for men. The movie also featured women and men of different ages and with varying bodies. And though I’ve seen people of all ages in porn and with every body type imaginable, it still makes me so happy when I find yet another sex-positive movie that exemplifies real bodies and real folks fucking.”

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Heads Up – The Official Guide To Fellatio

Sexologist Carol Queen returns to the instructional screen to give us all the sexy info on sucking cock. From tips and techniques to anatomy and demos, this 45 minute movie covers a good deal of dick-in-mouth material.Heads Up - The Official Guide To Fellatio

Along with Queen giving us lowdown on going down, real couples and porn performers alike take the stage to give us a demo of exactly how they get it on orally. These sexy romps also include interviews with the performers, discussing how they enjoy giving and receiving fellatio. The conversations definitely round out the instructional experience, while the visuals keep the action nice and engaging.

I love that Dr. Queen takes a minute to discuss how male anatomy is homologous, or structurally corresponding, to female anatomy. I think it’s so important to point out that male and female genital structures start out the same when we are in the womb; and as they form and change, the tissue moves to different places, but it is the same tissue. Knowing that is helpful in figuring out the most sensitive parts of folks’ bits. I also love that Queen is quick to talk about phalluses and not just penises – the phallus being the clit, transman cock, etc.

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Instructional Sex Videos - Nina Hartleys Guide to Simultaneous OrgasmsIs the concept of having a simultaneous orgasm with your partner elusive? Yes.

Is it impossible? Not by any means.

Should you worry if it doesn’t happen every time? OF COURSE NOT!

Erik Everhard, Marcus London, Devon Lee and Kayden Kross join Nina Hartley in both debunking what porn films depict orgasms to be, and helping you to achieve a simultaneous orgasm with your own partner in real life.

Kayden Kross does her part by re-creating her best “When Harry Met Sally” fake orgasm during a couch discussion with Ms. Hartley. The two scantily porn stars spend a good 20 minutes informing you about how orgasms work, how different we all have them and what to look for in your partner right before they have their “Big O.” Try to pay attention to what is being said, rather than concentrating on Kayden’s beautiful half-naked body. Ok?

Then Nina and friends sit down to talk about threesome sex, and get the male perspective on controlling both the woman’s and his own orgasm. How sounds and certain techniques can be used to heighten sexual arousal at the right time. Although, who really understands anything by talking about it? Luckily, this video isn’t just all talk. You get to watch Nina Hartley participate in some real threesome orgasm work.

The climaxes in this instructional sex video are all completely real. Even if your prowess between the sheets seems to be lacking, simply watching these encounters can help speed up your sexual maturation. There are very sharp contrasts between female orgasms in this film. Within the threesome scene alone, both Devon Lee and Nina Hartley have very different signals and reactions to take in. Adding the tips and techniques shown during Nina Hartley’s Guide To Simultaneous Orgasms has immediately improved my personal sex life, and I recommend it highly to everyone here at OralSex.com

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