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Did you know oral sex is the most frequently-requested task from prostitutes? It’s also a favorite subject matter for “girl talk,” and the focus of countless romance novel encounters. Seems all human beings–male and female alike–crave this incredibly intimate kiss, yet we remain unsatisfied. Why?

Because though most people understand the basics of oral sex, becoming an expert is almost impossible without proper guidance. Even with the most uninhibited lover, learning to give good head is a challenge, because so many of us simply don’t know enough about our own bodies to appreciate all the amazing pleasure we’re capable of experiencing.

Don’t deprive yourself or your lovers any longer! Oral sex is fun, easy, exciting, exhilarating and now FINALLY someone has compiled a straight-forward, step-by-step approach to teaching men and women exactly how to give–and receive–mind-blowing ecstasy with oral sex. After years of research from medical experts, sex therapists, escorts, couples and people of all lifestyles, we proudly present the definitive guide to fellatio & cunnilingus.

Learn fail-proof techniques like “layering” sensations to build a climax. Or read through a list of Top Ten tongue tricks sure to make a cock sit up and beg for more. Check out different breathing & muscle-relaxing exercises to extend your orgasm or improve deep-throating skills. Find out about one simple, secret skill ALL men and women appreciate. Save this information to your computer or print it up for easy reference! And be sure to bookmark this address, because we’re constantly adding tips, suggestions, XXX film reviews, adult toy recommendations, stories, photos, letters, games, anything we find to enhance your experience of oral sex.

The Rules of the Game



1) Mix it up! It’s easy to fall into a rhythm and just whack a guy off with your mouth. What’s your hurry? Oral sex shortcuts lead to wimpy climaxes. Instead, layer different sensations! Stroke, kiss, suck, lick and enjoy the sensual route to exquisite orgasms.

2) Watch the teeth, please! It doesn’t take much to break the delicate skin of a penis. Remember, even the tiniest of teeth-nicks can be conduits for STD’s.

3) If you don’t want to swallow, don’t. Tell him he can’t cum in your mouth BEFORE you begin oral sex, to avoid surprises and potentially-embarrassing situations.

4) Keep tissues and a glass of water nearby, if possible. One or both of you may need ‘em.


1) Take it easy! Don’t thrust yourself too far down your partner’s throat, and don’t sulk if she won’t “deep throat.” This ain’t a porno movie.

2) Watch for signs of fatigue. If your lover looks tired, let her rest or suggest she come up for some kisses and cuddling. It’s possible that only her jaws are tired; if so, show her how to stroke your penis with her hands.

3) Swallowing isn’t everything. Sure, it’s nice when a woman lets you cum in her mouth, but it’s nicer if she does so because she wants to, not because you pressured her into it.

4) A gentleman always, always tells his partner when he’s about to climax from oral sex. Even if she’s told him she loves to swallow, he needs to give her time to prepare for the “explosion.”

5) Accentuate the positive! Tell her what you like, not what you don’t like. Say, “Mmm… that feels good but THIS really makes me hot!” Give direction, as needed, but keep it supportive and encouraging.



1) Careful with that clit! Imagine all the nerves you’ve got in your penis concentrated in that one little button. Take it easy & build her excitement.

2) No teeth! Your lips, tongue, fingers and imagination are all you need, honest.

3) Never blow directly into the vagina. In rare instances, you could cause an air embolism, and kill her.

4) Think variety! Even the most delicious sensations become tiresome after a point. Avoid stimulating the same area in the same manner for an extended period of time. One exception is direct clitoral stimulation when you lover is beginning to climax.


1) Remember personal hygiene. Always present your lover with a clean, fresh pussy to feast upon!

2) Try to keep your thighs spread so your partner can breathe. If you like to hold your legs together when you climax, let your lover know so you both can adjust your positions for maximum comfort.

3) Be considerate. Cunnilingus can be exhausting and is especially hard on the neck muscles. If your partner seems fatigued, suggest a rest period, a change in positions or reach down and massage his/her neck & shoulders.

4) Let your lover know when you’re nearing orgasm, especially if you’ll need a particular kind of stimulation to climax.

5) Don’t play coy. Tell your partner how you like to be touched, licked, pleased.

6) Focus on the positive! Never say, “That doesn’t feel good” but rather, “This feels better.”

Both of you, always remember the Golden Rule.

Great sex is two bodies, working as one.

You’re in this together!