This video isn’t the best quality, but it is totally worth watching. I have gone on rants and written many advice articles on ways to initiate oral sex and I always advise against any head pushing, unless of course you know your partner is into it. Nicole Sullivan and Michael McDonald’s performance in this MADtv clip is near to my heart regarding such matter. And hilarious!

Jezebel's Sex vs. Chocolate

Jezebel's Sex vs. Chocolate

You may or may not be regular readers of Jezebel.  If you are, then you already know about their March Madness: Sex vs. Chocolate showdown.  I’m not going to spend forever explaining it, but basically they take a whole bunch of sex acts and week by week narrow it down to the people’s favorite and do the same with chocolate.  You, the internet user, gets to vote!  The two semifinalists are then pitted against one another for the ultimate Sex. vs. Chocolate win.  This is Jezebel’s genius little baby and you should definitely check out everything that has to do with it.

Last week the people voted and oral sex beat out handjob in the back of the bus.  No surprise there, but it isn’t over yet, folks!  I’m pulling for oral to make it all the way to the end, so for the next match up, get out there and vote!  I love chocolate, but I don’t think it will ever win over a good round of oral sex.  Check out Jezebel for all of the details!

Vicky VetteA Tweet from adult star, Vicky Vette aired on CNN and later on the front page of Funny Or Die.  She was playing with a hash tag used by the White House in matters concerning the current payroll tax crisis.  #40Dollars refers to the $40 that we’ll be missing from our paychecks if the people in charge don’t get their act together and come to a compromise.  I’m not here to get into a political discussion, I’m here to celebrate dirty Tweets on CNN.

The lovely Miss Vette Tweeted that if all of her followers gave her #40Dollars she would give them all blow jobs.  Nice!  Of course she is totally being good sport about the ordeal and I’m sure she isn’t sad about the press.  AVN quoted her saying:

“You can’t plan stuff like that,” Vette says, “I fool around with hashtags on Twitter to keep it fun for followers.  To end up on CNN and Funny or Die is pretty cool. I’m just relieved that people who read the Funny or Die piece thought it was funny, too. It would have sucked if they had voted to ‘Die.’  I guess all my followers were in on the #40dollars joke. I have yet to get $40 bucks from anyone, even though the payroll tax deal was reached. Let’s face it, the chances of me being on CNN unless I have sex with Charlie Sheen or run for governor are zero, so I’ll take it. I’m just bummed my mother watches Fox News… she missed it.”

Vicky Vette Tweet via Funny Or Die

 If you’re blind like me, here is a close up of her Tweet.

Via Funny Or DieIn case you’re considering taking the lovely Miss Vette up on her offer, feel free to check out her work in Cock Suckers – M.I.L.F Edition and Suck It Dry 3.  Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter.

Cock Suckers - M.I.L.F EditionSuck It Dry 3

Oral Sex Is A Great Gift!

It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to make sure you have a least one or two gifts under the tree, but oral sex is a pretty good way to let someone know you care during the holidays. I’m definitely not suggesting you send everything back to Amazon in exchange for the blow job of the century or to take a crack at setting the world’s longest cunnilingus session.  I’m simply suggesting that going down on that special someone just might add to their enjoyment of the holidays.  Don’t forget the peppermint flavored lube!

If your partner suddenly decided they didn’t want to perform oral sex for you any longer, how would you react?

In this hysterical oral sex video, a young couple lies in bed after the adorable woman gives a blow job to her grateful man-piece. She looks up, and tells him that she eventually would like to stop giving him oral sex in a loving tone. When asked what she means by that statement, the conversation leads to an oral sex countdown that he is not happy about.

Fatman Scoop and his wife Shanda sit down to teach you the finer points of performing oral sex on women. Scoop’s descriptions of the art of cunnilingus have enlightened the staff here at As a direct result of his oral sex innovations, we may be posting on the “wine swish” and “jolly rancher” oral sex techniques very soon. One thing about this video is made very clear though, Shanda’s clitoris must be very happy with Scoop’s lips. Every woman in our office sat up and commented, “Wow, now those look fun..” while watching him demonstrate his masterful “pussy-ology”. Although, we’re not quite sure how the beard feels on the ass at this point. There may be an oral sex survey conducted here on whether male facial hair is welcomed or feared during cunnilingus.

Thank you to Fatman Scoop and Shanda for creating these hysterical sex education videos at!