Oral Sex Videos - Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Female OrgasmsIf there is one thing a man should know, it’s how to cook before entering the kitchen. We could give all of the best free oral sex instruction available, but if you don’t understand how a woman works first…there is still a large chance for failure. Luckily, Tristan Taormino has created an expert guide to female orgasms which will solve your “mythical clitoris” issues.

Are female orgasms as unique as the women who have them? Absolutely. Yet too many women struggle in the search for erotic fulfillment alone or especially with a partner. Do you want to teach your partner how to help you have an orgasm during sex? Do you want to have better, longer, easier? Or more intense orgasms? Let renowned sex expert dispel any myths and share with you the wonders of female orgasm.

You’ll learn about:
The female arousal cycle
Different types of orgasms
Clitoral stimulation techniques: oral, manual, and with a vibrator
G-spot toys and stimulation techniques, squirting and orgasms
How to have an orgasm during vaginal intercourse
Anal pleasure & orgasmic possibilities

Watch as five diverse couples speak openly, share advice, and demonstrate techniques that work for them. Their intimate, personal, journeys reveal how each woman achieves and experiences her orgasm in very different ways.

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He can make ANY girl squirt… now he’ll teach you how!

Squirting 101Axel Braun, the magic man whose hands are insured for $2,000,000 each, finally reveals his secrets. That’s right, Axel will teach you how to properly stimulate the G-Spot and make every girl ejaculate! Join the squirt-master and his disciples as they take on an incredible cast of 10 beauties for the first installment of the hottest, wettest, most exhilarating class in town!

This video may seem slightly out of place at first, but stick with me for a moment and you will see a method to the manual madness. Yes, this is a video instructing men how to manually bring a female to a gushing climax. Technically this ability does not have to deal with oral sex whatsoever. Fortunately, there is no such thing as a technicality in the bedroom.

Let me be a first hand voice in telling you this is not a joke. This manual technique works very well. Be mindful, there are many factors in any woman’s anatomy which culminate in a “porn star” squirting reaction, and there is no guarantee that an “Old Faithful” geyser is possible with your specific significant or insignificant other. What is a promise, is that she will be wet, writhing, and ridiculously happy after you are done administering this maneuver. Just add some of the cunnilingus techniques we have provided you with here at Oralsex.com, and you’re foreplay game will be irrevocably changed for the best.

Happy Squirting 🙂

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