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A step by step process to making your man explode from oral ecstasy.

1. Check him out, from head to toe, and let him see you looking. Tell him he’s handsome, sexy; he’s turning you on. Kiss him and let your mouths mingle, your tongues explore and retreat.

2. Step back, now, and let him look at you. Unbutton your shirt or take it off, so he can see your beautiful breasts. Stare him down while you play with your nipples, making them erect. If he reaches for you, tell him no. Tell him you have other ideas. Tell him you’re wet. Tell him you can’t wait to feel his hot, hard cock deep inside you…deep in your throat. Smile defiantly, like your head is swimming with all kinds of incredibly nasty ideas, even if you don’t consider yourself terribly experienced. Let his imagination fill in the blanks. The mere thought of a woman with a dirty mind is exciting!

If you’re going to swallow, tell him you’ll enjoy every drop. If you’re not going to swallow, ask him to tell you when he’s ready to shoot, so you can dodge the bullet, so to speak. Say to him, “Baby, I’m going to make you feel soooo good, you just do me one little favor. Tell me before you cum in my mouth, cause I might want to hold your dick in my hand, so I can feel & watch you cum on my tits.” No man in his right mind would balk at that.

3. Are you in a monogamous relationship? If not, you’ll need a condom. The lubricated condoms most people buy usually taste terrible, so think ahead and purchase some non-lubricated condoms. If you’re turned off by the taste of latex, buy flavored condoms or lubricant to turn oral sex into an epicurean experience.

4. Now get comfy. Optimally, you’ll want a position that allows you easy access to his penis, scrotum and anus, while also providing him a nice view, should he happen to open his eyes. Many men are extremely turned on by visual stimulus, so if your man is into watching you fill your mouth with his manhood, by all means put on a good performance! Return his gaze and let him see how much you love driving him wild!

A common position is when the man lies on a bed with you above him, so you can align your throat easily with the angle of his erect penis. Kneeling in front of him works well, too, especially when you want to hold his hips & thrust him into your mouth. If kneeling is hard on you, try sitting on the floor while he rests in a chair or on the edge of the bed. There are no rules, here, just make sure you’re both relaxed and at ease.

5. Ready? Almost, but not quite. Take some time to look at his penis and kiss the tender skin of his tummy, his thighs, his scrotum. Talk to him with your face oh-so-close to his penis, so he can feel your breath against him while you tell him how your mouth is watering and your heart is thumping and it’s taking every ounce of will power you’ve got not to swallow him whole! Now flick the very tip of his penis with your tongue, then tell him in your breathiest voice (so the air tickles where you moistened), “But we’re gonna take our time and make this last!”

6. Begin. Take his penis and place it gently in the palm of your hand. One thing to keep in mind is that the penis, though a sensitive organ, is not as delicate as the clitoris. Though all men are different, you’ll probably need a firm grip to fully stimulate his penis. You’re not hammering nails, of course, but you’re not dusting fine china, either. Start by holding his penis as you would a tennis racket, and then ask him if he likes more or less pressure.

7. Run your tongue along the head, thoroughly moistening it, then wet your own lips with your tongue. Now… stretch your mouth until it covers the tops of both rows of your teeth. Why? First, you don’t want to nick or cut the tender skin of his penis and second, your covered teeth now form a firm, smooth ridge that most men find very stimulating, squeezing down on their shaft.

8. After forming the ridge, gently insert his penis into your mouth. Slowly move your mouth down the base of the penis, and then back up to the head again. If you need more lubrication, re-wet your lips and his penis a few more times with saliva. Experiment with different speeds. Some men will want you to stick to a slow, sleady, in-and-out stroke, others prefer strong, quick stokes, still others like a combination.

9. If he moves his hips, accompany this movement. Try letting him set the rhythm; steady your head, and let him thrust himself in and out of your mouth. If you have a hard time keeping up, control the amount of penis you take in your mouth by wrapping your fist around the base of his penis. Keep this hand-under-lips technique in mind, too, if your jaws get tired. Give yourself a rest by simply wrapping your lips around his penis head, letting your hands do all the pumping.

10. While your mouth moves up and down his shaft, let your tongue flutter and caress him. Keep in mind the penis’s most sensitive areas: the head, the base, the seam of the penis running from the scrotum to the head, and –perhaps the “hottest spot” of all– the frenulum, which is the delicate vertical membrane just below the head, on the underside of the penis.

11. Communication is crucial! Watch your lover’s physical cues and if you’re unsure, ask him if what you’re doing feels good and ask him how it could feel better. Many men find it hard to talk frankly about their needs, so coax him. Tell him you want to please him, tell him his excitement makes you hot, and that hearing him say what he wants will turn you on!

Some oral sex moves he may (or may not) enjoy:

a. Flick your tongue lightly, very lightly, back and forth across the frenulum, like strumming a banjo. Now run your tongue down to the base of his penis and back up again a few times, then return to flicking, only this time flick all the way up and down the underside of the penis.

b. Continually circle his penis clockwise (or counter-clockwise) with your tongue as you are sliding his shaft in and out of your mouth. This move takes a little coordination, but most guys feel it’s well worth your effort.

c. Use your mouth like a little vaccuum. Purse your lips at the tip of his penis and then suck the head softly into your mouth, then slowly slide him back out. Repeat, but this time suck a down a little farther, till you’re about halfway down his shaft, then slowly slide him out. Many men find this suction action irresistable.

d. Sometimes, ice is nice. Cool your mouth with a swig of chilled water and swirl your icy tongue around his shaft. Alternately, a strong peppermint like Altoids or mouthwash can produce similar tingly sensations. Suck his shaft as you move down toward the base, and then release slightly on the way back up, drawing air into your mouth (like you’re saying, “Ooooh”) and giving his penis a chilly little breeze!

e. Hold his penis in your mouth by sucking firmly and shaking your head at the same time, like saying “No” (but you’ll make him say Yes!)

f. If you’re very careful, your teeth can make a great prop. Hold his penis in your mouth sideways, like an ear of corn, and slide your teeth and tongue up and down the shaft — lightly!

g. Hum while you have his penis in your mouth to give him good vibrations. Just don’t hum anything that would kill the mood, like “Amazing Grace” or “The Star Spangled Banner.”

12. Do you feel like “deep-throating”? Though good fellatio certainly doesn’t depend on this technique (in fact, many men don’t even notice when you do it), you may want to try to take his penis past the gag reflex in your throat. This skill takes some practice. The key is to position yourself so that your mouth and throat creates one straight line; the best way is to lie on your back with your head hanging off the edge of the bed. Take a deep breath and have your lover insert his penis. Don’t panic that this blocks your breathing, you’ll be able to catch a breath on each out-stroke. If you feel the urge to gag, swallow. With patience and practice, the gagging will subside.

13. Too many people concentrate solely on the penis, which is a shame because there’s so much more! While stimulating his penis, massage his butt, his thighs. Fondle his balls, lick his scrotum… take a testicle very gently into your mouth and suck ever-so-softly. Rub your face in his pubic hair and whisper how much you love giving head!

Here’s another fun thing: a very sensitive area lies between his balls and his anus, the perineum. Many men enjoy having this spot licked or stroked in either a circular or back-and-forth motion, and often you can give him a rush of pleasure by rigorously massaging the perineum just before climax.

14. Do you dare attempt an anal invasion? Many men view their anus as an “Exit Only” hole, but these men are missing perhaps one of the most stirring sensations of sex: the prostate massage! First, make sure your fingernails are trimmed and your finger is sufficiently moistened, or dipped in lubricant. Then, gently run your hand from the perineum to the anus and massage the little pucker. When you feel him relax, push your finger (palm side up) into his anus. Slowly raise your finger until you feel a bump, which is the prostate. This gland grows throughout a man’s life life so it may be the size of a golf ball in young adulthood to as big as a pear in later life. Stimulation here provides incredible sensations! Try it at the moment of ejaculation and you may blow your man’s mind!

15. Orgasm. Most men will warn you when they’re ready to cum (it’s the polite thing to do), but sometimes in the heat of the moment they forget. Watch for signs. Some guys tense up or get very still, as if to brace themselves. Other guys make tell-tale facial expressions, and with others you may notice a change in breathing patterns. If you’re going to swallow, prepare by sliding his penis as far back into your throat as possible. Unless you enjoy a snoot-full of semen, seal off your nasal passages like you’re going under water, and get ready to gulp.

If you don’t want to swallow, quickly withdraw his penis from your mouth and continue bringing him to climax with your hand. Or, slide his penis between your oiled breasts, or the lubricated crack in your bottom. If you’re sufficiently excited, switch to vaginal intercourse and let him cum inside you.

Afterward, let him rest. He may be sensitive to touch; if not, stroke his hair, his face, and whisper what a wonderful time you had. Massage his chest and shoulders, or let him roll over so you can rub his back and buttocks. Don’t be surprised if he’s reluctant to kiss you on the mouth until you brush your teeth or gargle with mouthwash. Respect the fact that many men (and women) don’t appreciate a sloppy-wet kiss of their own juices.

Also, don’t be offended if your man needs a nap, consider it a compliment to your love-making that he’s been so thoroughly spent. Go pour yourself a glass of wine, snuggle next to your sleepy guy and bask in the glow of your own fantastic oral sex abilities.

Cheers to you!

Oral Sex Videos - How to SwallowYou have seen the Educational Sex Series DVDs on Fellatio and Deep Throat and you are prepared to take those oral sex techniques that one extra step. But what about those nagging questions? Is it good for me? Are their any dangers? Can I get pregnant? Does it taste bad? How to Swallow answers all of these questions and many more.

Our hostesses take you through the whys and wherefores of swallowing. It is a very simple technique that can be a simple turn on or demonstrate great intimacy. They weigh the pros and cons and present a logical argument for the oral sex practice.

Did you know a man can change the taste of his semen. Simple things like eating certain foods, refraining from smoking or drinking alcohol can influence the taste. So sit down with your partner, enjoy the DVD and a bowl of fruit. After all it’s your oral sex life. What are you going to do about it?

Watch this Oral Sex Video HERE

Oral Sex - Orally Yours Oral Sex Education and Entertainment


Good lovers have great tongues, expert at flicking and licking. A skilled tongue can dart in and out of the most private, personal places like a creature with a mind of its own… a dirty mind, at that! Yet a truly toned tongue can convey emotions, too, like yearning, tenderness, mischief, playfullness and much more. With a little practice, you’ll be maneuvering your mouth, lips and tongue like a true artist! Now sit yourself down in front of a mirror and let’s get started.

Meet Your Tongue: Stick it out as far as it’ll go. Roll it, touch your nose if you can. Flatten it out against your chin and then make it as pointy like an arrow. Keep your tongue moist, but don’t drool. Remember: slobbering is a turn-off.

Stick it out again, stiff, as far as it’ll go. Now, move your erect tongue left to right, like a windshield wiper, back and forth, touching the edge of your mouth each time. Can you do this for 30 seconds? Good. 60 seconds? Even better! Encircle your lips with your tongue, clockwise, five times, then switch direction and repeat.

Now, grab an empty shot glass or make a circle with your hand about an inch and a half wide. Hold the rim up to your mouth and slowly stick your tongue in as far as possible WITHOUT TOUCHING THE SIDES. Elongate your tongue, make it as slim and as pointed as you can. Reach down, down… be as precise with your movements as possible.

Lastly, roll a grape or cherry around your mouth. Feel it… lick it… suck it… love it. Tease it with your teeth, careful, don’t break the skin. Mmmm…!

What’s going on? You’re training your tongue to be a fine-tuned instrument. French kissing with your “new” tongue will be more rewarding, you’ll be able to tease and tickle like an expert! Oral sex, too. You can stimulate just the tip of the clitorous, to tickle the delicate underside of the penis head… You get the picture.

Happy Licking!

My favorite aspect of Adult work is the incredible (and often times brutally honest) feedback, fantasies, and questions I receive from fans/viewers. I’m actually a huge fan of my fans! Frequently, I’m faced with burning questions from men and women alike– curious about sex, the Adult Industry, Erotica, and other saucy topics. One of my all time favorite questions though (my answer being the subject of this very blog) is a perplexing query many women (and men too!) postulate, “Arden, what do I do with my Boyfriend’s balls during a blow job?!”. A very good question indeed!

Incorporating a man’s testicles into oral is one sure step toward amazing new sex! Often times they go without attention simply because uncharted territory can be a bit intimidating, and typically fellatio can focus solely on the cock. I personally hit a point about four or five years ago where I had a bit of a sexual epiphany… Balls can and should be incorporated into sex on various levels– they’re an incredible source of pleasure for men– and hella fun to play with! One of my most popular photo sets “Bluejeans BlowJob” ( ArdensTopDrawer.com) gives viewers an intimate look at some serious mouth to ball action. I adore playing with a guys package in it’s entirety, and passing each part over my wet tongue. Though every man is different, and thus has a different threshold for what is pleasing and too sensitive– I do tend to find that the majority are thrilled to have two new members join the party!

To answer the initial question, “Arden, What do I do with my Boyfriend’s balls during a blow job?!”– I have a few techniques worth testing out. First I would recommend some light play to explore the new sensations. Experiment with your fingers, palms, tongue, lips, cheeks, and nipples…what it feels like with and without lubrication… communicating what each other finds more or less stimulating (Note: This doesn’t always require vocals, but if there’s an excuse to talk dirty I take it!). During an oral session I love testing my limits by sucking on both his balls at once, and attempting to slip his entire cock and balls into my mouth at the same time… If his hard-on and the boys combined prove too dramatic for you, alternating between the two is a great option! I’m also a big fan of swapping out a guys dick all together in oral and exclusively licking and sucking his nuts (once you have him nice and hard a great compliment to this is jerking off his cock with a well lubricated hand, paying special attention to the head!).

So that’s my little diddy on “The Boys” and how to start sharing some love with them between the sheets!!! I hope you’re inspired to go test out some of my suggestions, and if so please share your findings!! I’m a big believer in sex as a learning process, and I aim to be quite astute!


Arden Adamz

A very funny Oral Sex video from the “Last Date” series. This budding young couple finds out why braces, and teeth in general, do not mix with the process of giving good head. Make sure you curl those lips over if you’re working with some dental hardware at the moment. Otherwise, the consequences could be pretty scarring…

If you’re a “Mad Men” fan, you may recognize the boyfriend in this video. It’s none other than Patrick Cavanaugh.

Oral Sex Videos - Heads Up - The Official Guide to FellatioGoing down on a man can give him exquisite pleasure – and intense orgasms. Find out what men love about this intimate, sexy activity and learn how to do it better! Featuring real-life couples, sex professionals and newcomers to oral sex, Dr. Carol Queen gives out expert information on anatomy, arousal and techniques.

About Pleasure-Ed:

Smart, sexy, fun and permission giving, the Pleasure-Ed series doesn’t just tell you how to have better sex, it shows you, too. This series helps you find your own sexual style and enjoy it with confidence. The Pleasure -Ed Series is a continuing collection of explicit sexual education films that include a wide range of informational content to inspire and enhance sex lives.

Dr. Carol Queen, Good Vibrations Staff Sexologist and Co-Founder of the Center for Sex and Culture, encourages you to explore and enjoy your sexuality. Discover the possibilities of pleasure as she teaches you tips and techniques with the help of her expert friends and colleagues. All this information is illustrated with hot, explicit sex from professional performers and real-life couples to inquire your own sexual adventures. Intimate and full of chemistry and connection. Going Down is the first installment in the Official Guide series.

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