I was hanging out with a group of close girlfriends about a week ago.  One of the girls is in a fairly new relationship and they’re still in that place where they can barely leave the house because all they want to do is stay home and fuck.   Naturally, we all wanted to know how it was going along with any of the juicy sexy-time details she was willing to share.  We inquired and she responded with a sigh and told us that he has only ever gone down on her once.  She, let’s call her “Kate”, added that she doesn’t understand why her man never gives up the cunnilingus and just goes straight for penis to vagina penetration.  Asking would be the most direct way to solve her problem, but she just hasn’t brought herself to do so.  Ask

Look, you can spend your life playing games and hoping you’ll get what you want, but you can avoid such nonsense and simply ask for it.  If you really enjoy receiving oral sex and you’re not getting it, perhaps it is time to open up a dialogue.  It may be as simple as telling your partner that you love having your pussy licked.  Perhaps they need to be reminded that, while you love intercourse, oral sex bring about intense orgasms or just serve as foreplay.  I realize that bringing up such subjects can be uncomfortable, but growing a pair and facing it can help avoid your dissatisfaction and possibly relationship issues.  A fulfilling sex life is worth a few minutes or hours of awkwardness.

It is possible that your partner feels questionable about their oral skills and prefers to avoid it completely rather than not appear confident between your legs.  To ease their fears, you can offer to coach them through and tell them what you like.  You help him to help you and you get to level up in the intimacy department.  Communicating is sexy!  Chances are, he wants to please you and will feel really good once you lead him down the right path.

You can walk around expecting people to know what you need from them, but that is a sure fire way to go through life unsatisfied and bitter.  This is true in all areas of life, but the least you can do is ask your partner to put his or her mouth on your vagina.  Enough with the games!

P.S. I apologize if you are offended by the heterocentricity if this post.  This advice applies to everyone regardless of gender, sexual preference and parts.  Since a hetero female inspired this, I used the corresponding language.


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Yes, this is real.  Thank you, happyplace.com for bringing this miracle into our lives.

Sometimes you just need to look at some hot cunilingus photos and luckily we’re here to help you out with that. Well, I’m sure you could do your own Google image or Tumblr search, but we all know it can get pretty damn scary out there in the interwebs. I know my eyes have come across a few things that will haunt my dreams for many years. Instead of going down that path, you can just stay here and enjoy these oral sex photos. You will sleep better tonight.
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We’ve talked about the amazingly helpful oral sex guides from the Pleasure Ed Series in the past, but they’re so damn good I thought it would be appropriate to bring them up once more.  Our good friends at HotMoviesForHer are always reviewing all types of porno and I wanted to share a little bit about what they had to say about these super awesome cunnilingus and fellatio how-to’s.

Oral Sex Education

Without further ado,  J.D. Bauchery on Dr. Carol Queen’s handy work.

Going Down – The Official Guide To Cunnilingus –
“I’ve reviewed my fair share of instructional porn in my time as a professional perv and I can honestly say that this flick is one of the best how-toGoing Down - The Official Guide To Cunnilingus pornos I’ve ever seen! This movie is seriously up there with my other instructional favorites – including Nina Hartley and Tristan Taormino, which is no small feat, at least in my opinion. Queen does a wonderful job of teaching the viewer all this information, Going Down – The Official Guide To Cunnilinguset keeping it totally sexy and interesting. One great example of that is her use of a vulva puppet to explain anatomy instead of a chart. While the chart may be easier for some folks to learn from, I thought it was very welcoming and way less clinical to teach with a stuffed pussy!

Another major difference in this movie was that it included queer folks! That’s right – gal on gal cunnilingus was on display as well! It really made me feel as though the information was being directed at me, and not just me listening in on info for men. The movie also featured women and men of different ages and with varying bodies. And though I’ve seen people of all ages in porn and with every body type imaginable, it still makes me so happy when I find yet another sex-positive movie that exemplifies real bodies and real folks fucking.”

Read the rest of J.D’s review at HotMoviesForHer.


Heads Up – The Official Guide To Fellatio

Sexologist Carol Queen returns to the instructional screen to give us all the sexy info on sucking cock. From tips and techniques to anatomy and demos, this 45 minute movie covers a good deal of dick-in-mouth material.Heads Up - The Official Guide To Fellatio

Along with Queen giving us lowdown on going down, real couples and porn performers alike take the stage to give us a demo of exactly how they get it on orally. These sexy romps also include interviews with the performers, discussing how they enjoy giving and receiving fellatio. The conversations definitely round out the instructional experience, while the visuals keep the action nice and engaging.

I love that Dr. Queen takes a minute to discuss how male anatomy is homologous, or structurally corresponding, to female anatomy. I think it’s so important to point out that male and female genital structures start out the same when we are in the womb; and as they form and change, the tissue moves to different places, but it is the same tissue. Knowing that is helpful in figuring out the most sensitive parts of folks’ bits. I also love that Queen is quick to talk about phalluses and not just penises – the phallus being the clit, transman cock, etc.

Read the rest of this review at HotMoviesForHer.

Last week Arden wrote an article about the hazards of road head.  I came across this old site that gives a how-to on airplane sex so it only seemed right to post a few of the images.  Should you decide to become a member of the mile high club this summer, you’re going to need to know hot to get it done.  I’m not encouraging you to perform oral sex on yourself while sitting in your seat.  That is still illegal.  I’m just saying should you choose to venture down certain paths, these diagrams may com in handy.  Enjoy.

Airplane Blowjob Via SexTutor

Self Suck - Via SexTutor

 Airplane Cunnilingus Via Sex Tutor

Mile High Seated Blowjob - Via SexTutor

Mile High Standing Blowjob - Via Sex Tutor

Arden Talks About Road Head

Click here to see more of Arden!

It’s summer time! For most Americans, plans will include some kind of exodus to a large body of water: Beaches, Lakes, Pools, etc. Well this is OralSex.com, and I thought of what that trend might mean for those of us naughty enough to read this and then go on vacation… If you’re driving to one of the destinations I’ve mentioned, and find yourself (or your partner) contemplating the possibility of “Road Head“… Remember this article! (It might save your life! And in turn save all the oral sex you would otherwise be having in the future!)

Road trips have this unique way of surprising us from time to time. You never know what could happen when you’re all cooped up in a vehicle with each other, bound for destinations known or otherwise. It can be unpredictable, but one thing you can usually count on while stationary for hours on end– is boredom. No matter the playlists, magazines, naps, advanced level I-Spy, or fast food stops– you may find yourself desperately searching for entertainment alternatives. Once you’ve crossed this threshold you may also find yourself considering things you’ve never before considered… like road head.

It’s only natural for sex to weasel it’s way into even the most mundane tasks. While driving, or locked in bumper to bumper traffic, it’s fun to joke about making the ride a little sexier. There’s a certain allure to blow jobs on wheels. It’s semi-public, with all the pedestrians, cars, & trucks– someone might catch you! It’s fast, it involves cars, it’s spontaneous, and it’s down right naughty! You might be asking yourself– “Why don’t we face-fuck every time we get behind the wheel?!?” Well my friends, I can tell you based upon thorough personal research– It’s not as entertaining as you might expect!

For starters: Many vehicles pose built-in obstacles that barricade you from reaching your intended target. Seat belts, gear shifters, steering wheels, center consoles, arm rests… All total obstructions! If you manage to somehow overcome such barriers, (you must be an expert yogi, &/or fiercely determined) there are still certain things to consider: The semi-public element you once thought of as a thrill may turn on you at any time. Likely observers will be the people NOT driving other vehicles, such as children, or the elderly. Law enforcement is another potential threat. You certainly don’t want any of these people peeping your in-car sexcapades. Last but certainly not least (and probably the most obvious) there’s the risk of wrecking your car resulting in the worst orgasm ever.

In the end, road head seems to be a lot more trouble than it’s worth, but If you’re not convinced & find yourself determined to blow on the go, I have a few recommendations. First: Don’t wait until your on the highway to whip it out and indulge. Save this naughty treat for back roads only, or a similar area where traffic won’t be so abundant. Or: Consider opting for a backseat oral session instead. You could talk dirty on your way to a secluded parking lot and hop into the backseat once you arrive. It will still feel risky but won’t involve all the complications of traditional road head. Another option might be: Road hand jobs instead of head. It’s a lot more discrete, comfortable, and you can even keep your seat belt on! Good Luck out there!   Arden

I worked for an online sex toy retailer for a few years before I got this sweet OralSex.com gig.  I learned a lot about vibrators, dildos, lube, cock rings, male masturbators, butt plugs, strap-on equipment, BDSM gear, etc.  I gained a fondness and interest for Oral Sex Mintsthese items that went beyond enjoying them for personal use.  I became an expert on sex toy materials and got to write reviews on all sorts of awesome (and not awesome) products.  As I do today, I always tried to keep an open mind when it came to everything.  I try not to, as a friend likes to say, yuck anyone’s yum.  This same friend also pointed out that some folks need certain items as motivators or excuses to engage in certain sexual activities and that is perfectly acceptable.  As long as no harm can be done, I say go for it.  Use all the glittery cherry cola scented massage oil you need – just don’t get it near your vagina.  However, I have to draw a line at some downright stupid items.  This is something I’ve wanted to write out loud for quite some time.

Oral sex mints.  Why?  So your partner can feel like their pussy or cock is on a ski trip in the Alps?  Did you have too much garlic for dinner?  Do you think they are any different than the mints you buy at the corner store?  They’re not.  Don’t waste your money.  Manufacturers, for the love of all things right, will you please stop making them?

Even higher on the list of shit you don’t need – Numbing Oral Sex Mints.  You know, “to reduce the discomfort associated with oral sex”.  Look, if sucking cock is uncomfortable for you, I suggest experimenting with different ways of doing it so that both of you receive pleasure from it.  Or not.  Go ahead and suck on some numbing oral sex mints and while you’re at it you can go ahead and numb his cock too because that is what is going to happen.  You think the numbing agent is going to selectively numb your mouth and not his member?  Wrong.  Then again, who wants to feel anything during oral sex, anyway?  Let’s just remove the feeling from every sexual encounter all together.  Why would any of us want to enjoy it or get a warning sign that something isn’t quite right?

Oral sex mints,  you’re useless.  You don’t even belong in gift baskets at woo girl bachelorette parties.  There, I said it.

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It is Friday and I’m looking to not take my job too seriously today so I decided to do a songs about oral sex post.

This kind of post has been done before on other blog sites, but damnit it was fun gathering up all of these tunes.  Most of them are old and bring back some kind of memory… heh.  Sure, I stole a few from online lists, although most of the songs are obvious choices.  I also pestered my co-workers about it this morning and luckily one lady in particular was super enthusiastic about sending me cock sucking related songs (sorry, “Pop That Coochie” didn’t meet the requirements).  Without further ado, here is my list of songs about oral sex.  Enjoy!

 Lil Wayne – Lollipop. I for one can never lick a lollipop without biting into it. This method wouldn’t work for me.

Khia – My Neck, My Back.  Because everyone washes their car in high heels.

Denise LaSelle – Lick It Before You Stick It.  Well, she’s right.

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X-ray OralI’m unsure of this photo’s origin.  I found it on tumblr.  It needed to be posted here.