Arden Talks About Road Head

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It’s summer time! For most Americans, plans will include some kind of exodus to a large body of water: Beaches, Lakes, Pools, etc. Well this is, and I thought of what that trend might mean for those of us naughty enough to read this and then go on vacation… If you’re driving to one of the destinations I’ve mentioned, and find yourself (or your partner) contemplating the possibility of “Road Head“… Remember this article! (It might save your life! And in turn save all the oral sex you would otherwise be having in the future!)

Road trips have this unique way of surprising us from time to time. You never know what could happen when you’re all cooped up in a vehicle with each other, bound for destinations known or otherwise. It can be unpredictable, but one thing you can usually count on while stationary for hours on end– is boredom. No matter the playlists, magazines, naps, advanced level I-Spy, or fast food stops– you may find yourself desperately searching for entertainment alternatives. Once you’ve crossed this threshold you may also find yourself considering things you’ve never before considered… like road head.

It’s only natural for sex to weasel it’s way into even the most mundane tasks. While driving, or locked in bumper to bumper traffic, it’s fun to joke about making the ride a little sexier. There’s a certain allure to blow jobs on wheels. It’s semi-public, with all the pedestrians, cars, & trucks– someone might catch you! It’s fast, it involves cars, it’s spontaneous, and it’s down right naughty! You might be asking yourself– “Why don’t we face-fuck every time we get behind the wheel?!?” Well my friends, I can tell you based upon thorough personal research– It’s not as entertaining as you might expect!

For starters: Many vehicles pose built-in obstacles that barricade you from reaching your intended target. Seat belts, gear shifters, steering wheels, center consoles, arm rests… All total obstructions! If you manage to somehow overcome such barriers, (you must be an expert yogi, &/or fiercely determined) there are still certain things to consider: The semi-public element you once thought of as a thrill may turn on you at any time. Likely observers will be the people NOT driving other vehicles, such as children, or the elderly. Law enforcement is another potential threat. You certainly don’t want any of these people peeping your in-car sexcapades. Last but certainly not least (and probably the most obvious) there’s the risk of wrecking your car resulting in the worst orgasm ever.

In the end, road head seems to be a lot more trouble than it’s worth, but If you’re not convinced & find yourself determined to blow on the go, I have a few recommendations. First: Don’t wait until your on the highway to whip it out and indulge. Save this naughty treat for back roads only, or a similar area where traffic won’t be so abundant. Or: Consider opting for a backseat oral session instead. You could talk dirty on your way to a secluded parking lot and hop into the backseat once you arrive. It will still feel risky but won’t involve all the complications of traditional road head. Another option might be: Road hand jobs instead of head. It’s a lot more discrete, comfortable, and you can even keep your seat belt on! Good Luck out there!   Arden

X-ray OralI’m unsure of this photo’s origin.  I found it on tumblr.  It needed to be posted here.