It is Friday and I’m looking to not take my job too seriously today so I decided to do a songs about oral sex post.

This kind of post has been done before on other blog sites, but damnit it was fun gathering up all of these tunes.  Most of them are old and bring back some kind of memory… heh.  Sure, I stole a few from online lists, although most of the songs are obvious choices.  I also pestered my co-workers about it this morning and luckily one lady in particular was super enthusiastic about sending me cock sucking related songs (sorry, “Pop That Coochie” didn’t meet the requirements).  Without further ado, here is my list of songs about oral sex.  Enjoy!

 Lil Wayne – Lollipop. I for one can never lick a lollipop without biting into it. This method wouldn’t work for me.

Khia – My Neck, My Back.  Because everyone washes their car in high heels.

Denise LaSelle – Lick It Before You Stick It.  Well, she’s right.

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Blink 182 playing the Blow Job song at Sydney, Australia’s “Big Day Out 2000”.

“Meet My Clitoris” performed at the Royal George Theatre’s world premier of KAMA SUTRA: THE MUSICAL.

Kama Sutra 2010 is the story of sexually-frustrated young couple, Dick & Gina, and how their lust life is revitalized by the mysterious arrival of the 1800 year old creator of the Kama Sutra, Swami Comonawannagetonya, who reveals to Dick & Gina the titillating secrets of how any couple can experience all the joys of a totally fulfilling sex life.

Here at we live to help you!

In thinking about ways to serve mankind I have decided to provide you, gentle reader, with my personal, curated list of the best songs by which to receive a blowjob, or chow down on a vag, or whatever else you may decide.

These songs may not be explicit or even romantic, but they are designed to be relaxing, transcending, and conducive to the perfect blowjob environment.

The Grindhouse Blues – Robert Rodriquez

Written by director Robert Rodriquez for the superb Planet Terror, the Grindhouse Blues is everything that is right with babymaking music.  It’s mellow, crunchy, and oh so badass.  Just give it a listen!

Nectar For Isis – DJ Frane

Originally written for stoners to sit around and blaze to, this song from DJ Frane’s “Journey to the Planet of the Birds” is just made for enjoying a nice slob job.  Hell, the beginning even sounds like a 70s porn groove!

Lost In The Paradise – Caetano Veloso

This classic Brazilian Tropicalia staple from 1969 is the auditory equivalent of the perfect blow job.  It starts off nice and slow, with a groovy swinging guitar and sultry singing but moves gradually to a building cacophony of bacchanalian partying at the end!

Heroin – The Velvet Underground

Another classic from the sixties, this song, much like a good head session, is like its titular drug.  It starts off mellow and calm, but the build and the rush is the whole point of listening to this song or going crazy on a wet vag!

Intro – The XX

If you’re anything like me, sometimes it helps to have a rhythm you can groove to in order to really give your all in the realm of giving head.  If that’s the case, look no further than young indie rockers The XX.  This song rocks steady and groovy the whole time and can really help you find your, uh, stroke!

Ah! Melody – Serge Gainsbourg

Girls are very predictable.  And when it comes to music she’d be happy to rock out on your cock to, look no further than M. Serge Gainsbourg.  French is like viagra to most girls, and combine French with a swinging beat and smooth rhythm and baby, you’ve got a winner.

So there you go.  If you’re still reading this it means you didn’t have your speakers turned up loud enough because if you did you’d be on the floor right now gettin’ jiggy wit’ it!

Enjoy and happy sucking!

The ladies over at Jezebel have come up with a fantastic list of songs about everyone favorite activity.

The list includes such classics as Akinyele’s “Put it in my Mouth” as well as the timeless classic “J.O.D.D” by Trick Daddy.

Check out all the lascivious licks here.

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