Oral sex is when a person uses his or her mouth to sexually stimulate the genitals of another person. Oral sex given to a man usually means sucking or licking the penis. It’s called fellatio. You’ve probably heard it called other things, like “blow job” or “head”.

Oral sex given to a woman usually means licking or sucking the clitoris and other parts of the vulva. It’s called cunnilingus. You’ve probably heard it called “eating (someone) out” or “eating pussy.”

Slang words can be confusing because their meanings are not always clear. For example, “blow job” has nothing to do with blowing. Not to mention, “eating out” should never involve chewing.

Our goal is to entertain and educate you in the arts of Oral Sex. There are three major side effects of OralSex.com. Users may experience sensations including “Happiness”, “Horniness” and “Higher Sexual Learning”.

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