I was recently reading a few articles on goodmenproject.com.  I came across an article that was written by our pal, Camille Crimson and there was one paragraph that inspired to write about something that I have yet to discuss on this blog: The reciprocation for oral sex doesn’t always have to be oral sex.  Here is the paragraph:

“I tend to respond to these concerns in two equally important ways: first, that many people find giving pleasure very arousing and second, that Oral Sex And Reciprocationthere are lots of ways to give back. People often assume that the quid pro quo is oral sex for oral sex, but that makes some assumptions about what your partner may want. Whether it’s a new flame or someone you know very well, asking what makes them feel good yields some very useful information and shows that you care about actually making them feel good instead of just adhering to a sexual script.”

Some folks genuinely just enjoy giving oral sex with no desire to get anything any return.  Never assume this is the case, though.  After receiving a life changing blow job or pussy licking, don’t just go straight for a high-five and a snack.  Ask if you can go down on them or what they would like/want you to do to them.  Also, don’t get upset if they won’t let you “return the favor.”  Don’t take it as a blow to your ego.  Know that they genuinely benefited from performing oral sex on you and you aren’t less of a person for not giving them.  Feeling bad will only take away from the awesome experience you just shared.  Your concern for their pleasure will be appreciated and hot.

Moral of the story:  Communicate then reciprocate.  Appropriately.

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