My favorite aspect of Adult work is the incredible (and often times brutally honest) feedback, fantasies, and questions I receive from fans/viewers. I’m actually a huge fan of my fans! Frequently, I’m faced with burning questions from men and women alike– curious about sex, the Adult Industry, Erotica, and other saucy topics. One of my all time favorite questions though (my answer being the subject of this very blog) is a perplexing query many women (and men too!) postulate, “Arden, what do I do with my Boyfriend’s balls during a blow job?!”. A very good question indeed!

Incorporating a man’s testicles into oral is one sure step toward amazing new sex! Often times they go without attention simply because uncharted territory can be a bit intimidating, and typically fellatio can focus solely on the cock. I personally hit a point about four or five years ago where I had a bit of a sexual epiphany… Balls can and should be incorporated into sex on various levels– they’re an incredible source of pleasure for men– and hella fun to play with! One of my most popular photo sets “Bluejeans BlowJob” ( gives viewers an intimate look at some serious mouth to ball action. I adore playing with a guys package in it’s entirety, and passing each part over my wet tongue. Though every man is different, and thus has a different threshold for what is pleasing and too sensitive– I do tend to find that the majority are thrilled to have two new members join the party!

To answer the initial question, “Arden, What do I do with my Boyfriend’s balls during a blow job?!”– I have a few techniques worth testing out. First I would recommend some light play to explore the new sensations. Experiment with your fingers, palms, tongue, lips, cheeks, and nipples…what it feels like with and without lubrication… communicating what each other finds more or less stimulating (Note: This doesn’t always require vocals, but if there’s an excuse to talk dirty I take it!). During an oral session I love testing my limits by sucking on both his balls at once, and attempting to slip his entire cock and balls into my mouth at the same time… If his hard-on and the boys combined prove too dramatic for you, alternating between the two is a great option! I’m also a big fan of swapping out a guys dick all together in oral and exclusively licking and sucking his nuts (once you have him nice and hard a great compliment to this is jerking off his cock with a well lubricated hand, paying special attention to the head!).

So that’s my little diddy on “The Boys” and how to start sharing some love with them between the sheets!!! I hope you’re inspired to go test out some of my suggestions, and if so please share your findings!! I’m a big believer in sex as a learning process, and I aim to be quite astute!


Arden Adamz

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