Do things like this ever work?

I can’t imagine using these ‘proven techniques’ or ‘loophole in the females mind’ would ever result in getting laid.

I guess it works for someone or else it wouldn’t exist, right?

or is there one born every minute?

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli petitioned the full United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Court, seeking to reinstate Virginia’s “Crimes against Nature” law, which would effectively criminalize all oral and anal sex.

He failed miserably.

Steak and a blowjob day is today, March 14th.

Thank you Internet

Anyone doing anything special?

I don’t know who Dr. Ava is, but I like her style.

I loved this video, although not for its intended purposes. This inoffensive, rough gem is filmed with soft focus lenses, and stars India Summer and Marco Banderasas they cavort on a fuzzy blanket amongst lit candles. Dr. Ava’s purring, seductive voice guides us through each scene and oral sex technique, but I couldn’t stop laughing at her voice overs. I don’t know what a “better” alternative is, but the delivery is so very clinical and romantic. Read the rest of HotMoviesForHer’s review here.


Exercise more than your mouth.


This video isn’t the best quality, but it is totally worth watching. I have gone on rants and written many advice articles on ways to initiate oral sex and I always advise against any head pushing, unless of course you know your partner is into it. Nicole Sullivan and Michael McDonald’s performance in this MADtv clip is near to my heart regarding such matter. And hilarious!

I was recently reading a few articles on  I came across an article that was written by our pal, Camille Crimson and there was one paragraph that inspired to write about something that I have yet to discuss on this blog: The reciprocation for oral sex doesn’t always have to be oral sex.  Here is the paragraph:

“I tend to respond to these concerns in two equally important ways: first, that many people find giving pleasure very arousing and second, that Oral Sex And Reciprocationthere are lots of ways to give back. People often assume that the quid pro quo is oral sex for oral sex, but that makes some assumptions about what your partner may want. Whether it’s a new flame or someone you know very well, asking what makes them feel good yields some very useful information and shows that you care about actually making them feel good instead of just adhering to a sexual script.”

Some folks genuinely just enjoy giving oral sex with no desire to get anything any return.  Never assume this is the case, though.  After receiving a life changing blow job or pussy licking, don’t just go straight for a high-five and a snack.  Ask if you can go down on them or what they would like/want you to do to them.  Also, don’t get upset if they won’t let you “return the favor.”  Don’t take it as a blow to your ego.  Know that they genuinely benefited from performing oral sex on you and you aren’t less of a person for not giving them.  Feeling bad will only take away from the awesome experience you just shared.  Your concern for their pleasure will be appreciated and hot.

Moral of the story:  Communicate then reciprocate.  Appropriately.

If you’re a nerd like me then you probably like knowing the science behind the sex almost as much as you like having it. This video is fascinating and gives a clear explanation of what happens in the brain when you have an orgasm. Hot!

Oral Sex Is Sharing

Apparently a healthy shot of semen in the morning is the cure for what ails you – if you’re pregnant, that is.  According to Gordon Gallup, a Semen Cures Morning SicknessSUNY-Albany psychologist, ingesting a bit of your baby-daddy’s cum will act as a little “hair of the dog” and set you right.  Be warned: Just any old jizz won’t work.  It has to be the man-mortar straight from the source so don’t go around opening wide for just anyone to easy your baby belly.  If you’re preggers by a dude that is still in your life, there’s never been a better reason to swallow!  Well, it’s a hypothesis, but I suppose it is worth a try.  Because you totally feel like giving a blow job and imbibing his load just before you hurl.

The thought is that a new life is forming inside of you and foreign substances are helping the little creature along the way.  These foreign substances may not agree with the bun in the oven.  If the sperm/familiar substance that helped get that life started is ingested, order is restored everyone feels all warm and fuzzy.  I have never been pregnant (thank you sweet baby Jesus) so I have no way of knowing if this actually works.  I’d love to hear from some of you baby bumpin’ ladies out there to find out if swallowing after oral sex eases the A.M. tummy ache.

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